Hastypearl Goes RETAIL ! Hastypearl

Hastypearl Goes RETAIL !!


Want to hear a fun story?

A kind of like…she got discovered by a MGM movie maker

sitting at a soda fountain kind of story?

Well, ok, maybe not that BIG of a story, but it was fun none the less.


I live outside of San Antonio, Texas,

the seventh largest city in America.

Surrounding it, are lots of wonderful small towns,

 established on their own, early in the development of Texas.

We live near one called, Boerne.

Boerne is thriving, growing, and always shows up

on the top of best small towns to live in lists.


I recently stopped into a great newish store called,

Vintage On Main Boerne,

to talk to them about the Amy Howard paints that they carry.

(Ill post about that soon…could be exciting!)

I met the owner, Beth Webster Wright.

Uhhh…did I say, vivacious, talented, gifted?

She’s a stick of dynamite!

She noticed one of my handmade Hastypearl Vintage Buttons Pins

that I was wearing and asked about it.

I told her that I made it and that I was a mixed media artist.

A match was made in heaven 😉

She said that she supported Boerne Artists and asked

if I would want to sell in her shop?



YES, I would !


Before I knew it, I was following her over to one of the most beautiful buffets

that she has for sale in her amazing showroom

and she said that I could set up there if I liked.

She left for a wonderful vacation the next day

and without discussing ANY NUTS AND BOLTS, Hastypearl was IN!


I came back the next Monday,

meeting Lisa, one of the VOM family and got my space set up.

I ran with it, pinching myself every few minutes.


Vintage On Main, is a sprawling building, full of lovely spaces,

filled by local women, all with a wonderful eye and entrepreneurial spirit…

and I can’t wait to meet them all!


I thought that you might like seeing what my

little space looked like when I got finished.


Its wonderful to be encouraged and so happily received.

Every time that I go to the shop,

I meet someone new and its been a delight.


I guess I like to stay OPEN to saying YES

to the opportunities that come my way.

Some times, I can be a little…Hasty that way,

but boy, has it ever lead to some Wonderful experiences!


So, now that you are updated on all things RETAIL,

I will let you know how things go along the way.

“Pinching oneself “can be a lots of fun, right?

Whether you are more of a planner

or go through life “jumping out of airplanes” style…

Life can really be grand!


Readers, thanks so much for stopping by…

Care to comment about something surprising that has come your way?

I would LOVE to hear 🙂

Best as always…Laura aka hastypearl

ps…Vintage On Main is located at:

615 Main Street #200

Boerne, Texas 78006

If you see anything in these images that you are interested in, you can contact them at

1 830 331 2153

or you can reach me through hastypearl.com or hastypearl.etsy.com

I hope that you will!

Gift buying time has already started.

I LOVE supporting small businesses. Always have.

Who needs one more thing from a big box store, right? 😉

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6 thoughts on “Hastypearl Goes RETAIL ! Hastypearl

  1. great story-good luck. If i’m ever down that way, will have to check it out-such a fun little town.

    1. You BETTER! Wouldn’t that be fun:) Thanks for checking in Donna…Best, Laura

  2. Yes, yes, yes! Congratulations!!!!!! Similar experience for me here. Went into a cool little store in nearby Howell, MI, Finding Roots. In discussion with the owner, I said I was a bookmaker. Long story short, I just sold my first commissioned book, they LOVED it, and now I am invited to teach some classes there and to sell on consignment. I am thrilled! YAY for synchronicity!

    1. Wow, Kip, you hit the motherlode! Proof of their intellect and good choices:) Thanks for letting me hear and keep us up to date. Thank s for checking in here. You’ve been such a great Hastypearl encourager. What did I do to deserve you?:) I appreciate you, so…Laura?

  3. Congrats Redstone/Boerne artist pal! Wishing you the best! PracticalPam

    1. Thanks Pam! I hope you’ll make a visit to Vintage On Main Boerne, during your upcoming gift hunt.I think you will be impressed by the store 🙂 Best, Laura

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