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Hastypearl Collage Panels


Once upon a time, I discovered Birch Wood Panels for my art.

Since then, I keep stacks of them on hand

and use them in all kinds of Mixed Media projects.

They are wonderful for keeping framing costs down

as they are Ready To Hang.

Or, if you still want to custom frame, its no problem,

in fact, I think it makes the piece look great, because it gives it

even more dimension and opportunity for contrast and shadow.

I have just added these great Hastypearl Collage Panel pieces

to Hastypearl.etsy.com

I did them in series, so they were all born from the same collection of papers,

with the same colors and similar themes.

My work is ALWAYS going to spring from Vintage Parts and

evolve into what I call, Heirloom Art.

Its my Hastypearl motto!

Take a look at these pieces and either TAP ON the pieces name or

hop over to Hastypearl.etsy.com if you would like to see more.

I know…heres an idea!

For all of my blog readers, USE the At Check Out Code Word


I hope that you will !

There is going to be a ton of gift shopping coming up for all of us.

Handmade gifting is always more unique and fun…plus,

Ill send it right to your mailbox 🙂


Take a look, here…



5 ” x 7 “



Were marks of tiny feet

5 ” x 7 “




5 ” x 7 “



Nov 26, 1930

5 ” x 7 “




5 ” x 7 “




5 ” x 7 “



Dear Darling

8 ” x 10 “




8 ” x 10 “



PROOFREAD! Don’t be half correct

8″ x 10 “


If you use your at check out coupon code,

the $60. pieces will be $54.,

and the $80. pieces will be $72.

My husband and I say, we’d be happy to

find a free $6 or $8 dollars on the ground 🙂

Again, pop over to Hastypearl.etsy.com

and you’ll see all of these listed.

There are more images in the Etsy listings,

some close up so that you can see the details.

Ha! I just took at look at the listings and

TWO of these pieces already have FREE SHIPPING on them.

Wow! Two ways to save on Hastypearl Art 🙂



As ALWAYS, Im so Happy that you stopped by my blog.

The days are getting shorter and the temps a little cooler.

We are STILL waiting on the leaves to change color in SCentral Texas.

It will be our turn, soon 🙂

Best to you all, Laura

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