Somerset Studio Gallery Winter 2017 and Hastypearl

Somerset Studio Gallery Winter 2017 and Hastypearl


I have been a Long Time Reader, of many of the Somerset Studio Magazines.

I mean, there are so many to choose from,

that just about every art discipline has its own magazine these days !

Being a Mixed Media Artist,

Somerset Studio Gallery, is definitely a place that I go to for inspiration.


If you’ve never been published in a magazine, you probably think its out of reach.

I had never considered it,

until artist Roxanne Evans Stout encouraged me to try.

What I found was how incredibly Real and Unendingly Encouraging

every editor that I have ever worked with, is.

I have NO IDEA what it is like to be an editor,

but just count the artists in each magazine,

and then multiply that times each publication

and it will blow your mind that they care

so much about Every question that you will ask.

That is certainly true about Gracy Wilkens, editor of Gallery.


I was so excited when she replied back, Yes!

about my Mixed Media Triptychs.

They were pieces that literally started with NOTHING,

and were built up layer by layer starting with building my own substrate.

It’s the engineering that I really love.

Figuring out each step…bit by bit, as I detail in my article.

Take a look as I teach you how to make your Own triptych !


I hope that you will buy this great issue.

Each magazine/issue seems to have a theme of its own, and if you love COLOR,

you will LOVE this issue.

There are lots of “new to me” artists in this issue, which makes it even more fun…


There are so many things to be Thankful for these days.

Seeing my printed Renaissance Stories and photographs, Β is one of them.

It didn’t hurt at all to see that Gracy mentioned me

in her Letter from the Editor…when she pointed out

how many places from around the world that her contributing artists came from.

Yes, Gracy, its exciting for me, EVERY TIME!!!

Finally, the cherry on the top was seeing one of my very special friends,

Elizabeth Rosen…amazing artist…in the same issue.

From first meeting her because we were in an Etsy Treasury together 4 years ago,

to now being in the same magazine…

yeah, those kinds of things really make me smile πŸ™‚


THANK YOU Gracy Wilkins and Somerset Studio Gallery,

for making dreams come true for so many artists.

Signed…Laura from Texas πŸ˜‰

p.s….Won’t you sign up to follow Hastypearl ?

I hope you will πŸ™‚


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4 thoughts on “Somerset Studio Gallery Winter 2017 and Hastypearl

  1. This makes me smile too Laura- congrats and thank you!

    1. WE were meant to BE, Elizabeth and Im sooo glad πŸ™‚ Laura !

  2. Nice job HastyPearl! I know you continue to push the envelope and could not be happier for you!! See ya come Christmas time. – Joel & Valencia

    1. Joel, you’re my greatest encourager! That means a lot! Looking forward…:)

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