Mixed Media Collage: Adding Stitch to Your Art Hastypearl


Mixed Media Collage: Adding Stitch to Your Art


My mother once said that she didn’t know where I came from!

I tend to enjoy activities that others in my family don’t,

and Horsing was definitely one of them.

From childhood on, I have loved and owned horses.

It wasn’t until recently, that some of my pesky physical issues, have sadly ended my showing horses.

It’s been a real heartbreaker for me, but I’m blessed to have been able to, for so many years.

This is the first time since then, that I have been able to include the Horse, in my art.

I often wake up in the mornings, still in that sleepy twilighty place,

and see images of the art that I will later create.

One morning, I saw a horse, with two vertical bars on its shoulders.

It was a strong image.

I knew I had to follow that image and see how it would appear in my work.

You KNOW that I love creating Mixed Media Collage Art of all kinds, but I especially enjoy Collage.

This collage was built with lots of kinds of vintage papers,

but, also some of my handmade Eco Dyed papers.

When the piece is all layered and done, I love to begin the final layer of embellishing

and that often includes thread and stitching.

I recently took a picture for FB, of many of my art supplies that are Metallic !

I feel that a subtle bit of shimmer and glimmer catches the eye in certain light,

and draws the viewer in for a closer look.

There are exhaustive stitch encyclopedias.

All you have to do is Google the words, embroidery stitches, and you will see a myriad of them,

but, for this Mixed Media Collage piece, I only used the french knot and the humble running stitch.

I have lots of spools of metallic threads.

Keep your eyes out for them when you are out and about.

I use a large eyed tapestry needle.

The eye needs to be larger than a regular needle,

to accommodate the often bulky metallic threads.

I use an under layer of glue-sticked(new word) paper, on the backside of the area where I stitch,

just like you do with interfacing when sewing.

It’s just a way to keep the figure stable with all of the pulling of the needle and thread.

I actually do some calculating for the stitches and I pre-punch holes for the needle to enter.

I say… up, down, up, down, up, down, always ending with a down.

Its kind of like a pre-sketch, to make sure that you like the amount of stitching.

The horse above, has simple rows of gold stitching on its belly.

Instead of tying a knot with your thread, which would cause a bulge from the knot,

 I simply cut the thread, living about an inch, and rub my glue stick over the thread.

It dries quick and flat. Try that and see what you think.


This horse has French Knots on its vertical bars.

They are so addictive and easy.

Simply come up from the back, wrap your thread around the needle as many times as you like…

I wrapped 5 times, I like a hefty knot…

then go back down the same hole you came up on.

You will learn how to help the thread back down neatly.

The worst thing that can happen is

that it gets tangled and wonky for you. Just cut it out and start over.

Even if you do a million of them, occasionally you’ll have a mess and will need to cut it out.

No biggie!

Back through the hole

Finished knot

6 finished knots and some running stitch

See the running stitch next to the Aspen Leaf Monoprints ?

Adding stitch to other parts of the piece,

brings some continuity and connects the different parts of the collage.


I hope that you will give some added Stitch, a try in your Mixed Media Collage Art.

Metallics OR colors, they’re all good !

Any chance to add Texture and Contrast, makes Everything more interesting !


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Best to all…Laura aka Hastypearl




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  1. Great post, Laura! Love your stitches.. I was a horse lover as a teen, but outgrew it by college.. Nice to see you celebrating your love in your art..

  2. Thanks, Caterina! Some say art is a healer:) It definitely helps to express feelings that sometimes words can’t even touch…Best,Laura

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