Hanging Friends Art in Your Home ! Hastypearl

Hanging Friends Art in Your Home !


Art has always been very important in our home.

I tend to be a “place it and keep it there”, kind of person.

Art becomes a constant friend, one that goes from decade to decade with you.

I also wish sometimes, that I had vast walls for More of it,

but, since most of us don’t, we can always just keep going Up and Up on the walls,

like the great historical mansions !

I thought I would show you a little collection that we have in a guest bedroom,

where I have an exception to my “place it and leave it”, habit.

I love this cheery room.

(Sherwin Williams Concord Buff)

I love vintage furnishings.

You can definitely see that in this room,

with the iron bed (Me and My House) and cozy bedding (Pier One).

On the left side of the bed, are three art pieces that I love grouped together.

On the top, is an artist Carla Trujillo doll. No one makes dolls like Carla !

I was Thrilled one Christmas, when she invited me to trade dolls with her.

How did she know that her sent doll, would be so perfect in our home?

Under Carla’s doll, is a beautiful encaustic/book combination art piece,

by mentor Roxanne Evans Stout,

called, Red Field I Wander.

I saw this piece on her website and knew that I had to have it.

I later saw it in a publication, and I was thrilled that we owned it 🙂

Below it, is one of my…Hastypearl‘s… Mixed Media Collage pieces.

I love artist Ruth Armitage and was inspired to try my hand at the

cruciform shape, after reading one of her blog posts.

My favorite thing about this piece,

is that I incorporated a part of a vintage file box, with the metal clasp still intact.

I often listen to music when I create, and the song Hey, Jude, was playing.

I couldn’t resist in my mark making writing the words,

“Remember, to let her into your heart, then you can start, to make it better”… 🙂

It’s very faint, but I know that its there.

The final piece on this wall, isn’t a new piece,

but its finally found it’s Permanent Happy place.

I’ve moved it around to several places, but when I found this spot,

down where you can really see the detail of it,

I knew it would be the perfect spot for it to Stay!

Years ago, I “met” English artist, Marilyn Stephens, on FB.

She had an astounding following, yet,

we became friends and have messaged each other, over the years.

To my surprise, a BEAUTIFUL piece of her art, arrived in the mail one day.

I can’t begin to tell you how powerful it is.

It’s a perfectly curated collection of her eco dyed mosaics shapes,

with THOUSANDS of tiny seed stitches.

I was in AWE at her generosly Sharing this with me.

I took it to my friend and extraordinaire framer,

Patsy Wright, in San Antonio,

and we came up with this floating frame arraingment.

It Totally features the art.

Marilyn didn’t know,

but the word “Sing” that she placed on one of the pieces of fabric,

is Very appropriate for me!

Sometimes, I’ll stop and look at it and get distracted at

how tiny and abundant the stitches are.

She is such a talented artist.

So, there !

I hope that you enjoyed seeing one of the walls in our home, and reading the stories behind it.

The concept of surrounding yourself with art,

made by hands that are important to you,

and that have stories that mean something to you, is an important thing.

I have shown this wall before on my hastypearl blogspot blog,

but, with the addition of Marilyn’s piece, I thought that I would update it.

You MAY have noticed, the empty space above her piece?

Yep, its just waiting for me to fill it in, with other pieces of art that are important to me!


Our Autumn Texas days are so beautiful right now.

Yesterday, when I walked our long driveway,

and looked out over the colors in the Hill Country, I felt so thankful.

Sometimes, I just want to burst (corny), because of what I see and hear around me.

I know that you feel the same way about where you live…

As Always, Thanks for stopping by.

It makes me so happy that you did!

Best…Laura aka Hastypearl

p.s…I hope that you will sign up over on the right, to receive an e-notice that I’ve posted.:)





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4 thoughts on “Hanging Friends Art in Your Home ! Hastypearl

  1. What a beautiful guest room. Your art collection is so personal and beautiful. I always marvel at artists who hang only their own work… I, too, love seeing the work of friends and influencers all around me. Thanks for sharing your inspirations!

  2. Ruth! Loved our little FB chat.Yes, there is so much to choose from out there. Im fascinated by the “science” or rather emotion, that happens to each of us with specific pieces. Im thinking they are matches that were just meant to be! YOU, are an influencer to me and to many. Your art is just a whole other level of astounding. What an honor to have that walking around IN YOU and thankfully, you share it with us…Thanks for stopping by…Best, Laura

  3. Laura, I love this arrangement of artwork and seeing my little Encaustic painting amongst all this loveliness. You are the best! Sending lots of love – Roxanne

    1. Its lovely when you see a grouping of art like this so easily come together. It starts from the makers and trickles down. I am confident that they would get along as well as their art does! I so appreciate what you have done for me, Roxanne…xoxo Laura

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