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Cold Brewed Coffee in Your Home


Not being able to find it in our grocery stores,

I recently decided to figure out a way to drink caffeine free and less acidic coffee.

I’ve never been a coffee drinker…which is pretty miraculous, since I was a teacher.

It seemed like every teacher that I ever met, was a coffee drinker 🙂

Somehow, I missed the whole carrying-around-a-paper-coffee-cup-from a drive-thru-culture,

and was hopelessly unskilled in the complicated knowledge of ordering a coffee at a major coffee house.

I also had a fear that if I started, I would gain a hundred pounds from the deliciousness of it 🙂

One day, I got curious and googled Iced Coffee, which led to…Cold Brewed Coffee.

I was surprised how easy it is!

Cold Brewing Coffee

First off, did you know that many of the coffee houses hot brew their Cold Brew coffees, first?

Why does that matter?

Well, true Cold Brewed coffees have 70% less acid, than hot brewed coffees.

For some personal health reasons, that is Important to me.

Of course, there are fancy coffee presses for this, but I liked the “anyone can do this” approach of this process.

1. Start with a clean jar. A lid isn’t required, but will help keep any fridge odors from hopping in your coffee.

2. Pour in 1 1/2 c. cold water.

3. Add 1/3 c. ground coffee. I use decaf.

4. Place in your fridge for 12 hours.

After the 12 hours, pour the steeped coffee through a paper coffee filter into a pitcher.

I found that my larger coffee pot basket fit nicely into a glass pitcher.

Filtering Cold Brewed Coffee

Keep adding the liquid until it has all filtered through.

Discard the coffee grounds or put them in your compost.

Store the coffee covered in your fridge. I promise, it won’t last long !

Cold Brewed Coffee Ready to Flavor

Now, comes the fun part.

Treat your Cold Brewed coffee as you do your regular brewed coffee,

but include Ice,

a blender

and have MORE FUN !

Researching this, it was interesting to see how the different countries in this Amazing World,

have their way of flavoring their Iced Coffees.

Australia, Chile, Germany, Philippines and Slovenia enjoy their Cold Brewed Iced Coffees with Ice Cream.

Canada enjoys their Cappuccinos Iced and Italy’s Cafe Freddo is an Espresso

kept in the freezer and served as an Icy Slush.

Greece likes theirs whirred in a blender until Foamy.

India likes an thin Instant Coffee with Milk, while Japan serves theirs with a Gum Syrup and Milk.

Thailand enjoys a Black Coffee with Sugar, Heavy Cream and Cardamon.

Because temperatures can rise in Saudi Arabia,

young people are making Cold Coffee almost as popular, as hot.

Finally, I think Chileans might just have the best idea as they enjoy their

Cold Brewed Espresso with Cream, Sugar, Cinnamon, Vanilla, Chocolate and Ice Cream.

I may book a trip to Chile, very soon 😉

                                                            Flavored Cold Brewed Coffee Ready to Enjoy 🙂

Since I’ve started Cold Brewing my decaf coffee, I’ve added just about all of the above.

With it being close to Christmas, Im pretty sure that some Egg Nog

may be my next added ingredient.

Have you tried Cold Brewing at home?

If you haven’t, give it a try…and let me know what yummy additions you enjoy 🙂


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