Come Estate Sale”ing” with Hastypearl

Come Estate Sale”ing” with Hastypearl

So, you say you can’t get down to Texas to go Estate Sale”ing”?

Well, that’s a shame, because you would have fun!

My husband and I are confessed Estate Sale Junkies.

Not just for the “loot” but as much for the honor of getting to walk on land

that has sometimes been held by the same families

since it was originally settled.

America may not be as old as the country that you live in,

but, we are making our own history as fast as we can !

                                                                     Texas Hill Country Sunday House

South Central Texas, where we live, was settled by many cultures,

but, many Germans concentrated in an area that we call, the Hill Country.

They brought with them, their foods, religion, customs and architecture.

Those that farmed and ranched on acreage,

often also owned what they called, Sunday Houses.

These were their “in town” homes,

that they would use on the weekends when they came

to pick up necessary provisions, attend church and visit with friends.

Limestone Home in Comfort, Texas

Limestone is abundant in this area of Texas,

and many of the settlers built their homes with it.

Deep walls kept homes cooler in the summers and retained heat in the winters.

With our long summers, and of course no air conditioning then,

most homes utilized deep overhanging porch covers,

where it was possible to sit outside and find a cool breeze in the evening.

Estate Sale Tent

It’s very common, upon arrival to an Estate Sale,

to be greeted by a welcoming tent.

It’s a way to keep covered the many sale items,

that spill over from inside the home.

Antique Items at Estate Sale in Texas Hill Country

When there are multiple structures on a property,

and the weather forecast looks good,

items will be displayed beautifully out on the lawn.

This location had many homes and barns, that were also FULL of antiques.

Massive Texas Live Oaks with Hay Field Clearing in Distance

Most acreage in Texas is/was used for Farming and Cattle Ranches.

Besides cattle, there were also many other animals to feed.

If you could clear your land, you could also grow your own hay to feed and bed those animals.

The cleared area behind the trees above,

was a very large Coastal Bermuda grass field, used to feed the livestock.

Texas Hill Country Landscape

They say Everything Is Bigger in Texas!

It is Very true when it comes to our Heritage Trees.

These Many Century Live Oak trees don’t look that large in these pictures,

but, if you will notice them next to the building below, they tower over its’ two stories.

Victorian Sears Kit House

This Sears Kit House, was a fun discovery at a recent Estate Sale.

Not the style of a typical Texas Ranch House,

it was quite Fairy Tale”ish” to tour.

Generations of Wagons

Right outside of the building, and all around the property,

you could see a huge collection of vintage wagons.

On the last day of Estate Sales, most items are Half Price.

When we went back on the final day, all of the wagons had sold.

People in the Hill Country love to place them on their land in front of their homes.

They are beautiful capsules of history, on wheels!

                                                                      Interior of Sears Kit Home in Texas

Back inside of the Sears Kit Home,

I thought it was beautiful to see all of the lines of the upstairs structure coming together.

I doubt that there would have been any insulation in the home,

there were few small windows …


but, several stoves or fireplaces.

Early Fireplace

We dont just go to Estate Sales to see the  land and buildings,

but, also to find special historical pieces to buy 🙂

My mind goes to wonderful places,

imagining what they were used for

and whose hands last touched them.

                                                                                 Estate Sale Finds

Of course,

I’m always looking for materials to use in

my Hastypearl Mixed Media Art.

Laying Everything Out when We Get Home

Just like it’s Christmas,

I can’t wait to get home

and spread all of my goodies out and see what I’ve found.

I will clean it up…

place it in the freezer if its fiber…

catalogue it either to sell in my Vintage Parts of my Hastypearl Etsy store,

or use in in my Art to Sell and Send out into the Great Wide World !

I hope someday, when I am gone, an artist like myself,

will stroll through my home and take home special treasures that speak to them,

and create with them and pass them along like I am.

It’s like it was meant to be, when something catches ONLY MY EYES,

and I am able to own it.

If only for a little while, anyway !

Hastypearl Creations with Estate Sale Finds


I hope that you enjoyed seeing a little bit of my Texas world.

I’m sure that there are similar wonders where you live.

Often, when a home is being sold,

it’s the only time that we will be able to go inside and see it.

If that appeals to you, but maybe you’ve never thought about Estate Sale”ing”,

maybe you will now.

If you are in Texas, we just MIGHT bump into each other!

I hope we do 🙂

Hastypearl Angel Made with Vintage Finds


Thanks so much for stopping by .

I love that you did 🙂



ps. both of these Mixed Media Hastypearl Art Pieces are available.

If you are interested, Contact me and we will chat !

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    1. Ok. Sounds great. Wear comfortable CLOTHES and Be prepared to dig, dig, dig, any Saturday morning, bright and early…;) Laura

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