Get Your Art…Or Anything, STARTED ! HASTYPEARL

Get Your Art…Or Anything, STARTED !


First off…Happy 2017 !

…oooooh, she doesn’t WANT to say it but yeeeeeees, she’s going to say it…

Where did 2016 go?

I know, its so trite and you’ve heard it a billion times already,

but where does the time go, right ?

We all know where it goes…it goes AWAY…into our memories…into our past.

But, here’s my Truth for this posting…

We can’t do ANYTHING about the speed in which time passes,

but, we CAN have EVERYTHING to do with

the quality of Every Minute of our lives.

Sure, you have to get up and go to work, or stay home and work…

Humans work.

There are Very Few people who have someone dress them,

fan them with a big palm branch

and feed them grapes.

The rest of us…work.

The truth is, that’s a Good thing.

We would be a miserable lot if all we did, was Nothing ! 🙂

How about in between those work minutes and hours,

if we had something to look forward to ?

Something that we dreamed about, maybe even got a little consumed with?

Now, THAT’S what makes a day special !

How many of us have dreamed about starting a new hobby,

learning an instrument or language,  writing a book, starting a business, a non profit, a ministry?

I dont know…there must be millions of ideas/things that I could type here,

but YOU already know what that THING is, for You.

You’ve tucked it into a little fold in the back of your brain

but you just don’t know how to get it started.

Whats holding you back?

Is it fear, money, lacking the knowledge of how to start?

I promise, there isn’t a single person out there,

that took those first steps towards their dream,

that didn’t also have a long list of perceived obstacles that they worried about.

The difference in them and those that don’t start is simple…They Just Did It !

Take the First step.

Little by little, obstacles WILL disappear and doors will open.

In 2011, I discovered Etsy.

I was a shopper, but thought…this is something that I’m attracted to.

I am NOT a Techie, so I couldn’t even imagine How I would be a part of Etsy,

but one day I said to ONE person…I’d love to have an Etsy shop,

but I wouldn’t know how to even start.

An Angel, sitting in the back of that room said…

I know how…I’ll help you.

That was years ago, now.

She has since helped me start a blog on Blogspot, and now .

In 2011, I didn’t even know about blogs and dot coms.

Your life can change, just like That.

Say it to someone.

That validates it.

Then…Read, Research, Ask.

Things will start happening, and people will help you.

It might just bring things Full Circle and make it possible for Someone whose dream is…

To Help Someone!

It would take me 10 blog postings to tell you all of the rest

that has happened to me since those early days,

and I feel like I am JUST getting started.

Oh, My, how much I still have to learn.

And still feeling like the novice,

I smiled one day when someone said they would love for me to mentor them!

Ha, I thought…Me? but Yes,

it was coming Full Circle for both of us and will for You as well!

I hope that 2017 will be YOUR year,

when you take that first step…you’ll be so glad that you did.


Line Drawing of Horse on Butcher Paper

    On to Art…

Sometimes, I think I would draw on anything that didn’t move!

I actually love using brown craft paper, you know, the kind that comes on a roll.

Ok, Ok, its probably not archival, but I love its color…

white can sometimes be so stark,

and besides, I use an archival pen, and All of it will outlast our lifetimes.

Craft Paper After Watercolors Make it Bumpy…Use a Warm Iron

The thing about it is, if you don’t first spray both sides with a sealer and you paint with watercolors

like I did when I whitewashed this running horse,

it will make the paper bumpy.

NO problem, just give it a few passes with a warm iron.

DON’T use your good one, rather buy a $10 iron to use for these kinds of projects.

If One is Nice, Why Not Two? 😉

I drew another horse, but this time, on some tracing paper.

I thought they would look good layered on top of each other.

Masking Paper Around Edges

 I masked around the edges of my paper, to be sure that I kept them clean.

Standing Horse

And in the end, I abandoned my running horse sketches altogether,

and went with a standing horse for the collage that I was working on!

Too bad, you say?

She worked so hard on all of the other looks.

No problem.

You have to go with your gut and maybe what you don’t use now, you will at another time,

or maybe you just learn something from the process.

I have a friend that says, don’t let Anything ever get too precious,

that you don’t do the right thing for now.


So, here’s to 2017.

A brand new page, chance, time, to do what you’ve been dreaming of doing.

Dont wait to know how it will look in the end…just start!

I hope you’ll share in the comments what you’ve been dreaming of doing 🙂

Best…Laura aka HASTYPEARL


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