The Sustainable Souls Project and Reusing Paper Materials Hastypearl

The Sustainable Souls Project


Reusing Paper Materials


This posting, covers two of my favorite subjects.

  1. A group that I have become a part of, called, The Sustainable Souls Project.
  2. Reusing Paper Materials.

The Sustainable Souls Project, is the brainchild of artist, Tina Walker.

Its participants, will create art pieces, based on a list of Sustainibility prompts,

that will delve into some topics concerning our planet.

Wherever there are people, there will be different levels of concerns,

but I think at the very least, we can all agree, that we have been

blessed to reside on a Wonderful World and

caring about its wellbeing, is an honor.

I am a Creationist.

I believe that God created everything.

A gratefulness and thoughtfulness for all of it, is the least that I can do.

Over the next year, I and many other artists, will be posting our entries in the

Sustainable Souls blog, that Tina created.

Before I show you my first entry, I’ll show you an easy way that I Reuse Paper in my studio.

I’ll bet you are already doing it!

Look for words that have meaning for you.

My husband and I recently went car shopping.

One of the dealerships gave us a beautiful, bound, sales pamphlet for the car that we looked at.

After I read it, I typically would have tossed it in the recycling bin,

but I saw its value for my art journaling.

The line on the front page seemed Very Appropriate

for introspective exploration, so I circled the words,

Every Road Has A Story To Tell.

All around those words, I simply Β wrote my thoughts.

Use free sales pamphlets for your journaling.

A short time later, another beautifully bound pamphlet, arrived in the mail.


Keep them Coming!

Paint over the pages of a magazine with gesso.

I simply use gesso over all of the pages, like I did this Luxury Home Sales flyer,

that also arrived in the mail.

Its fun to dream about the homes, as I neutralize the pages with the gesso,

making them ready for my art journaling.

This pamphlet has generous pages. Some of them even unfold to make an even bigger surface to work on !

Above, is one of my finished pages,

where I also used mail order catalogs, as components in my collaged page.

Can’t find a girl with orange and blue hair in your catalogs?

Not a problem! Thats what your art supplies are for πŸ™‚

Sustainable Souls
Unparalleled Journeys

Above, is my first entry for the Sustainable Souls Project.

The whole year of learning and exploration,

will be full of Possibilities on this Unparalleled Journey.

I hope that you will check in here monthly with Hastypearl

and with the projects home page.

You will be amazed at the talent and heart of the participants.

Its like a mini Pinterest. Really!

Use the ideas as your springboard.

Let’s be diligent with our own research and

use the capable reasoning abilities, that we each have.

The last thing that I want for any of us is to be

blindly gulping down someone else’s agenda.

We can all be smart and be aware of the ebb and flows

of our fascinating and wonderfully made planet,

and for me, still knowing that

there Has, Is and Always Will Be a Providential order, in things πŸ™‚


What ways do you reuse materials in your life?

Feel free to share your comments, below πŸ™‚

Always so glad that you stopped by…Best…Laura aka Hastypearl





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4 thoughts on “The Sustainable Souls Project and Reusing Paper Materials Hastypearl

  1. This is a wonderful article wich i liked to read.
    I am looking forward to see more of this works.
    Greetings form Iris.

  2. Iris! I Have been a long follower of your art and I love that you took the time to show me how you had also collaged on reused paper πŸ™‚ Im happy for you to follow Hastypearl along the way. I hope to see you often πŸ™‚ Fellow Artist, Laura πŸ™‚

  3. We will stay in contact, Laura and thank you so much for your kind words about my art.

    1. Great IRis, and You are Welcome πŸ™‚ Laura

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