The Whites Of Spring In My Texas Garden Hastypearl

The Whites Of  Spring In My Texas Garden


While PLENTY of the United States, is still covered in the “white stuff”, I thought I would send out a little S.O.S of ENCOURAGEMENT, that Spring is on the way !

My Central Texas garden, has been going strong for weeks now and is covered in White, but a very Different kind of white than the frozen, cold kind.

While I left out a number of whites, including my beloved Prunus mexicana (Mexican Plum), whose grape juice aroma blossoms, can be enjoyed yards away, I’ve still got quite a few others here, to hold you over until warmth blankets your garden.

I hope you will enjoy a quick photo tour of our garden…

Garden Sculpture
Bridal Wreath Spiraea
Can You find the dewy spider web? 
How about in this image?
Nolina texana (Texas sacahuista) Bear Grass
…and another web…?
(Anacacho Orchid) Bauhinia lunarioides Native to desert Western Central Texas and adjacent Mexico
Anacacho up close 
Lindee Rose Found Polyantha Cutting from his grandmothers garden was donated to Antique Rose Emporium by Mike Lindee Heavenly aroma!
Stachys byzantine (Lambs Ear) herb. You MUST touch it And smell it 🙂 Spreads…
Yucca_faxiona-11 Spanish Dagger If you get a prick from this, you will feel it for a very long time!
Dichondra argentea (Silver pony foot) ground cover Texas native. I buy flats of it at a time and then watch it cover and cover !

Well, there you go!

Did you see anything that you use in your garden?

Did it inspire hope, that Spring is coming your way? : )

Wise South Texas gardeners learn early, that in July and August, our plants had better come from somewhere, where they have adapted to plenty of heat and lack of water. When the temperatures are still in the 90’s at bedtime, it doesn’t matter how much water you put on them, they are dormant, and are just doing their best to stay alive. That’s why we celebrate our early Spring and Fall gardens. After 41 years of gardening in this area, I’ve learned to rely heavily on desert and Mexican varieties. The good news is, there are Many of them, and often, the whitetail deer arent a bit interested in them!

So, whatever your temps are, enjoy what you’ve got and or hang in there, your time will come…soon!

As always, I’m so happy that you stopped by!

I hope that you will sign up on the right, where it says newsletter, to get a little heads up when I post…

Enjoy your days…

Best, Laura aka hastypearl

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