Distorting an iPad Panoramic Image Hastypearl

Distorting an iPad Panoramic Image


So, do you have a tendency to play around with things on your cameras?

To tell you the truth, I’m not particularly technically inquisitive. I tell people that I wish my 7 year old granddaughter Katherine Anne lived closer, because, she would probably already know more about such things than I do! Occasionally, I will venture out and discover something new.

If you know me, you know that I post seasonal photos from our second story Texas deck. We have a short and long view of the Hill Country. The Right time of year, and you can really see the different colors of foliage across the hills.

So, one day, I was up on our deck with my iPad. I scrolled passed the Square button (which is used for Instagram) in the Camera application that comes on an iPad and I landed on the Pano button. I think my son had told me about it. I tapped it, followed the directions and failed miserably. But, after a few tries, I was taking really great Panoramic shots of the hills.

Pano option in Camera on Apple iPad

You will notice, that Pano filming, is only possible with the iPad held in the vertical position.

Move iPad continuously when taking a Panorama.

Tap the White Circle and practice a few times going slow, with the line staying flat across what you are viewing.

Normally, you would make a straight horizontal line. Instead, try making your camera dip up and down. : )

You will get a long skinny version of something like my cloud image below.

After you are good at going straight, then instead, dip your iPad up and down a couple of times as you pass over your scene. You may not like your first attempts, but as you know, you can just trash your picture and try again.

If you kept your iPad on a straight line, your image would look something like this evening cloud scene behind our house.

Soon, you will get something like my picture, below.

My first reaction was that it feels very Narnia”like”.

This picture is really fun, because it causes my mostly flat backyard, to have a deep valley in the middle. It takes our pond which in reality is farther left and instead, puts it right in the middle of the scene. And, it takes our black iron table and chairs and makes them look like they are climbing up a very steep hill.

Is this Alice in Wonderland image going to win any awards?

I don’t know!, but, it’s kind of fun to play with in a “contorting” sort of way ; )

If you dip up and down, you will get a longer mysteriously distorted image.

Give it a try with your iPad(or iPhone) and let me know what you think and have

Fun creating your own, alternate world!

Glad that you stopped by…

Best, Laura aka Hastypearl

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