Artist Question: Does What We See Inform Our Art or Does What We Create Inform What We See ? Hastypearl

Artist Question: Does What We See, Inform Our Art


Does What We Create, Inform What We See ?


Pretty good questions, don’t you think?

I started thinking it about it when I recently rewrote my Artist Statement. I kind of redo it every time it is asked for 😉 I guess it’s a subject I like, so I like to rethink it and update it, often.

Here’s a part of what I recently wrote…

“Art for me, is about curating. Whether it be for my blog, or online shop, a wall in my home, a garden, a stroll, a remodel job or a retail space that I am involved with. I don’t really see it as something separate from any part of my life. It’s part of Everything that I do”.

Maybe the answer to the title of this posting is …Both.

Maybe some days, what I See makes me create.

Maybe some days, what I Create makes me more alert, to what I See.

Here is a collection of images that definitely show that at least This morning when I selected them, there is a curatorial eye going on.

Curatorial : One who gathers something, organizes it and makes it available to the public.


Interesting Stone like fungus in my SCentral Texas garden


Fungus open to release spores


Hastypearl Pin…Be Kind


Vintage Beige collected items photographed


Abondoned Wasp nest on Red Oak leaves
Two Hastypearl mono print collages




Hastypearl Angel … Find


Yellow Jacket nest on inside of a martin house door


Hastypearl collage close up


Shadow on wood chair


Hastypearl book page

There’s no Doubt, that it’s kind of a chicken/egg and which came first kind of question.

What would you say about your own life/art?

See it, make it?

Make it, see it?


I’m so glad that you stopped by or that you follow along.

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I hope that you will and I’ll see you again…soon 🙂

Best, Laura aka Hastypearl







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