Hastypearl: A Home Walk Through Done In Vignettes

Hastypearl:  A Home Walk Through Done In Vignettes

Just about everyone has heard of Instagram, Flicker, Tumbler or Pinterest. You probably are on them. I love Instagram and Pinterest, myself, but I only let myself pick two. (You can pop over to either, from the links provided on the right side of this page.)

I was thinking about how much I enjoy going to a friends home and seeing what they collect. There’s often not enough time to really explore, but you Know that you want to!

Every now and then, I walk around our home, and snap close up pics. It’s kind of fun, because that vignette feel, makes things look different to your eyes. As an artist interested in telling stories, when I see these small up close images, I think of the things  that I could tell about each of the items and I want to tell their stories. We know that when we pass on some day, many of the stories behind the items, will go with us.

Anyway, in an Instagram sort of way, I thought that you could take a look at some images from our home. You can make up your own stories. You’ll probably even see things that you too, have collected.

I added some captions under the pictures for a little explanation, but otherwise, just have fun and make up your own stories!

Husbands childhood transistor radio and hand painted paper liner I added to the bookcase
Hastypearl Studio storage with a Hastypearl eco dyed raw silk scarf
Working late in studio one night
Embossed velvet Hastypearl scarf in studio
Red velvet Victorian chair in morning light window
Husbands father, gift statue from a friend and a collection of vintage brass fly reels
Victorian hand sewn table runner
Seasonal tablescape
Penny Charlottes from childhood
Vintage letterpress collection and lavender pouch treats sent to me with an art purchase
Vintage hand made lamp purchased at an estate sale
Hastypearl art mixed media box
Hastypearl angel art and husbands framed grandfathers belt buckles


There, that was fast, right?

Get out your camera or iPad and take a walk around shooting up close vignettes. I’ll bet you’ll be surprised how fun it is to isolate out some of your collections. Then, when you get done, download them on one of the above mentioned sites and enjoy sharing. Lets face it, we all love seeing each others spaces. Whether you love sleek and contemporary, mid century modern, eclectic or turn of the last century like I do, our homes are our fingerprints made up of special gifts, collections and stories that we still have yet to tell : )

I’m so glad that you stopped by…I look forward to seeing you here again, soon…

Best, Laura

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