An Easy Metal Letter Stamping Step By Step, For You ! Hastypearl

 An Easy Metal Letter Stamping Step By Step, For You !


Have you ever tried your hand at Metal Letter Stamping? I guess that’s a little misleading, because truthfully, this method is  great for stamping other substrates, as well. I’ve stamped sheet metal, leather, wood, cardboard and even paper. If you are using another base in your art, try it on a sample piece, and see what you think.

I found my little metal letter stamp kit at a nearby Michaels, but I Googled it and there are lots of brands available. Kits come in lots of different numbers, fonts and sizes. Just be sure that the stamp holders are metal and sturdy. I read one review, that said that the stamp holder buckled, when hitting it with the hammer. Not good.

Alphabet Stamping Set

So, this is what my little set looks like. It comes with the individual changeble letter die pieces, the steel stamp holder and a little soft base. The metal box is nice and will be a handy place to keep the letters stored.

End Of Stamper

It’s easy to insert the letter die into the steel stamp holder.

Register Mark On Stamper

My set has a register dot, to make sure that you have the letter facing the correct position.

Hint: Tape Your Base In Place

I used the soft base provided, because it makes whatever substrate that you are stamping in to “give” a little, so that it can emboss through to the other side. If you stamp on a hard table top for instance, it won’t show any indention. I also put a piece of tape to hold my metal piece in place.

You know me by now, I’m not much of a perfectionist, so I actually intentionally like my letters to be a little higgledy piggledy…or wonky. If you like things really straight, then draw an erasable line to follow. I took a number of practice runs on scrap, to make sure that I had the hang of it.

I got better with each try. You will too!

Oh, and…if you emboss on paper, take it easy, it won’t need nearly the pound that other substrates will. If you do it too hard, it will tear through your paper. You might even get away with just pressing the holder with your hand, instead of using a hammer. It will depend what the thickness of your paper is.

Finished Stamped Word

Experiment with spacing, until you get it like you want it.

Hastypearl Encaustic Collage Piece

This is a metal letter stamping piece that I did for a Hastypearl Collage Encaustic art piece.

I had some vintage drawer pulls that I slipped my word in to.

I think it really turned out great and spoke to the bird subject, of the art.


Have you used a Letter Stamper before?

I hope you will tell us about it in the comments below and feel free to share any tips that you learned, from your experience.

After all, it’s all about Encouraging each other !

I love that you stopped by. It really Encourages Me, that you do 🙂

Best…as always…Laura aka Hastypearl








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