Happy Mother’s Day: Sometimes A Loaded Statement Hastypearl

Happy Mother’s Day: Sometimes A Loaded Statement


I used to use the phrase, Happy Mother’s day with one point of reference. Of course, it was My point of reference.

It one time surprised me out of my small world, when I read how much for some, that statement brought sorrow.

I felt reprimanded. In a good way.

It hadn’t occurred to me, that there would be those that didn’t want to hear it because of the loss of a pregnancy, inability to get pregnant or the loss of a child.

Others, had had a terrible childhood or were living With a troubled child.

It opened my eyes, that not all holidays, were Hallmark for everyone.

Black Swallowtail In My Central Texas Garden

Sometimes, I realize what a sheltered and myopic place our individual lives can be. Maybe we’ve had a Beaver Cleaver life (I absolutely loved watching reruns of that show in high school. The purity of it astounded me!). Or, maybe not.

Gaining a sensitivity to peoples hurts, is never a bad thing. If nothing else, it serves to contrast our own lives with others, and ushers us to a greater gratitude.

But, it might also stir up a sadness when we compare what our story looks like, compared to others that seem happier than we are.

Black Swallowtail On Chives

Either way, I think that the sooner we can get to Acceptance of our worlds, the better. If our scenario is something that we can change…then we need to get busy and do that hard work.

If not…if we can’t change the dynamics of a relationship, then Accept.

Acceptance doesn’t mean living in humiliation. It just means that we have a choice about our part in the story.


“Fighting futility is just a waste of energy, Samantha. Either do something or quit fretting.” (Celebra Tueli)


My Mother At Our Wedding In 1975

So, if you are in a good place, and the phrase Happy Mother’s Day is a wonderful thing…then enjoy the day!

If not, know that you aren’t the ONLY one. There are many who are feeling the same feelings that you are. Still, you can choose to find a way through to knowing, that while it can be/has been complicated for you, it’s still possible to mostly understand why and go forward.

Also know, that honest sharing of those feelings with someone will always bring light to your life. Even Better, is letting someone share their sorrow with You. Therein, will be Joy!


“How far that little candle throws his beams. So shines a good deed in a naughty world.” (Shakespeare: The Merchant of Venice)


Hastypearl Mixed Media Butterfly Collage

I’ve been very busy in my studio lately, and butterflies seem to keep appearing! It’s Spring in my SCentral Texas garden. The butterflies are here and in Wonderful numbers and Must be influencing me ; )

I’m so glad that you stopped by and look forward to having you here, again.

So many great things are happening in Hastypearland and I love sharing them with you…Stay Tuned !

Best, Laura aka Hastypearl






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2 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day: Sometimes A Loaded Statement Hastypearl

  1. Well said on the topic, it certainly opens the eyes on something that is very easy to look right past on mother’s day. to all you moms out there reading this i hope you have a blessed day. – Joel R.

    1. Yep, Sometimes, we just need to walk in other peoples shoes, a little more often…:) Thanks, Joel

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