Hastypearl’s First Product Listing ! Cream Vintage Button Jewelry Pin Brooch

Hastypearl’s First Product Listing !

Cream Vintage Button Jewelry Pin Brooch


It’s been a while coming, but so many things can be.

For someone that likes her things…Hasty…waiting, can be a real growth opportunity.

But, you know how sometimes you make something out to be harder than it really is?

Hmm. Like I did?

I had no idea that listing an item on my WooCommerce would be like, and it turns out, that it was just like blogging.

Don’t you wish you had a little bird that flew around and told you stuff like that? I do…but, I guess it’s often more about trying things and gaining the knowledge, on our own experience.

So, you know me by now.

Vintage Parts and Heirloom Art, Together…

That’s my motto.

I love Vintage Parts…and I love putting them together to make Heirloom Art, that will last forever.


Because I think that every Vintage Part has more than one story to tell and sometimes, to get it’s next generation story out, it has to be… reinvented.

Like this Pin…Brooch.

It’s made of the most amazing buttons…I’m not talking about buttons you see every day. These buttons are from the 1930’s-1950’s and are crazy cool.

I find them, build a little smooth hand signed platform out of Polymer Clay and mount the buttons.

I always test drive (wear) these cutie Vintage Pins myself, to make sure that they hold up and wear well and I can’t help but say…they always get lots of double takes. 🙂 You’ll see!

This Cream Button collection came from a beautiful elderly lady that has since passed. She lovingly sold these pieces to me and I am so grateful.

Anyway, you will love it for yourself, or you can gift it to someone very special.


I will be listing lots of Art and Handmade’s on Hastypearl now and I can’t wait to share more with you.

Until we get the site arranged, to see the whole listing, either go to the top bar, and tap…Shop… or you can see it, here.


It’s priced at $46.00 and that INCLUDES shipping, to the lower 48.

Everyone else, please contact me for your shipping price.:)


Beige Vintage Button Jewelry Pin

Found Vintage Molded Cream Button
Found Cream Vintage University Button
Polymer Clay Pin Brooch Back
Found Vintage Cream Buttons set on a Clay backing with a Pin back.

It seems like life offers adventures around every corner, and I LOVE that. It sometimes feels like holding on to the tail of a wonderfully adventurous kite! I know that you know the feeling…:)

So happy that you stopped by Hastypearl! Id love to hear from you in the comments below…

The Very Best…as always…Laura aka hastypearl

ps…I would love it if you would share the news with a friend 🙂



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