I’m A Rock Nerd. There, I Said It ;) Hastypearl


I’m A Rock Nerd.

There, I Said It πŸ˜‰


Ok. I can’t help it. I love rocks.

We pick them up everywhere. We ship them home. It’s true! I got that idea from my SIL.

There’s something about the colors and the specificity to a region, a memory, a feeling…and they’re FREE!

(Well, not if you ship them home, but oh, well πŸ™‚

Did I mention that my husband makes little rocks out of big rocks, for a living. Yes, he does.

I guess that just reinforces our Nerdiness…kind of like enabling an addiction? πŸ˜‰

Anyway, we both really love the beauty of rocks and love finding them together.

You’ll see more rocks than you may want in this posting,

but this was the trip to do it, as we are in the middle of a remodel and needed to work on our exterior plans.

Approaching Aspen and looking for snow…We had seen pics of a fantastical snow two days earlier and were hoping…
One of my fav views from our house, looking up valley towards Marble, Colorado.
I am so many kinds of Nerd. I’m the Texan that finds the first patch of snow and poses for a snowball throw…and almost forgets to throw it. Hey, we dont Know how to do it, here πŸ˜‰
Our 3 Beautiful pallets of Moss Rock, that will go on a bit of the front of our home.

We met with a fellow nerd, our mason, and he took us to a wonderful stone yard called, Pine Stone. It was like a candy store. We didn’t have ANY trouble falling in love with this beautiful stone. These 3 pallets have our names on them πŸ™‚

I am inspired by the stone skirting on the century homes in Redstone, Colorado.

I asked him if it was too crazy, that we collect the deep dark colored rocks to add to the pallets. It could have gone either way, but he said, of course we could! I won’t tell you how many hours we collected rocks, because you would insist that we get professional help, but, it was pure joy for us! I mean, look at the surroundings and it was so COOL out!

I am also inspired by the Maroon rock on the Osgood Castle in Redstone, but the quarries that sold it are all played out. Hand gathering it became High Priority!

So, you learn very quickly, that all of the Colorado stone yards call the sandstone Red, but it’s not. Some is rose, some is rust, some is red, some is maroon and some is purple. Just like paint colors…it all varies….and it’s all beautiful.

See the different colors of Red in the stone, and there is even a little snow remnant.
See the stone getting darker, yes?
Time to start looking at paint chips. The dark red, almost purple, is what we gathered. Larry thinks maybe a pallet full πŸ™‚
We were thrilled to find our Own Moss Rock with this vivid lime green moss on it!
We also found these incredibly orangey red rocks
Because we are remodeling and don’t have a kitchen, we relied heavily on eating out. A favorite stop? The Redstone Inn, of course πŸ™‚ See the stone on the entrance?(With a peculiar darkness in two spots on the image? Weird.)
With a whole home to furnish, we have done it bit by bit and almost entirely with Habitat for Humanity. We buy, have them deliver and send pieces that were left in the home, back. It’s such a great cause and the prices are incredible. If I could have been born, when this Eastlake walnut secretary was made, I would have been in Heaven πŸ™‚


We need furniture for this house and certainly not every trip, but we have found some great furniture in the Crystal Valley!

We found this piece at Tiffany’s of Redstone. It will go in my studio…what a great find with all of those drawers!
A real working trip…I saw contractors all day every day except the last two days. We said goodbye and are always sad to go. The short hop between Aspen and Denver flies so low, that if the skies are clear, you can always see the mountains. There probably won’t be snow on our next trip… Before we left…they added an extra 1000 gallons of fuel, because of the storms in our path.
Before we took off, we chatted with family on the ground in Texas, about the storms they were experiencing, so I decided to take pictures of what it looked like from the plane. The turbulence tossed us around like a toy and they decided to use that extra fuel they added and go around, adding another 40 minutes to a normally Β only 1 1/2 hour trip. I’m always happy to go around and get home safely, even if it adds time.


So, there you have it…our trip and a confession to Rock Nerdism. There is NO cure;)

It’s so fun for me that you stop by for a little read.

I love sharing my life with you.

We are all the same. We have experiences that we love sharing. I’m lucky that you do it with me…

Looking forward to our next meeting…

Best as always…Laura aka Hastypearl


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Hastypearl, out!






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