Simplify; Lessons Learned From a Sweet Wren, Mixed Media Assemblage, June The Sustainable Souls Project Hastypearl


Lessons Learned From a Sweet Wren,

Mixed Media Assemblage,

June The Sustainable Souls Project


Whew! That was a LONG title! I had a lot to say and covered some real ground ; )

This months The Sustainable Souls Project topic is also a mouthful. It is Carbon Footprint, Simplify, Reduce Consumption and Self Sufficiency. I couldn’t wait to select, Simplify. I’m going to approach it from a more personal direction, but it certainly meets all of the Sustainable Souls concepts.

For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, we are enjoying Spring. In Texas, we often say we have a few days of Winter and all of the rest…are Summer. HOT summers. I am delighted to say, however, that this year, we are having the most Wonderful Spring. It has had lots of (unusual) rain and that makes things cooler.

As a serious gardener, both of those attributes make me happy. I can water with a water hose all I want, but nothing makes a garden happier than real, rain. My approximately 1 acre of cultivated beds look amazing.

We are a migratory fly way for so many wonderful birds, but nothing is more common than the Wren. A person would have to be a pretty cranky, to not find themselves smiling about seeing a wren. They consider places you’d never think of for their nests. Gloves, boots, garden buckets…everywhere !

This year, I have two visible families. I’m sure that there are Many others that I can’t see.

One pair chose a predictable place…a garden nesting box on a stand.

Another, found a spot in the bottom of my garden tote.

Sadly, one has already lost her entire hatch…and I’m not sure to what.

The one in the tote, is still doing great.

Simplify, Mixed Media Assemblage Hastypearl.
Lots of Layers…Wren Drawing and Watercolor and Player Piano paper.
Vintage Ruler and my Best Buttons.
Woven Embroidery Thread…just like a wren weaves her nest.
Tireless Workers, are the Wrens


When I think of these birds. I think how hard but also Simple, their lives are. They don’t have lists and lists of things to do. They just have one. Feed their families. While I’m glad that I don’t have to hunt for dozens of tiny bugs all day, I do envy the Simplicity of it all. I wonder how much easier our lives could be sometimes, if we didn’t have soooo many things that we feel we must do.

While I love my life, I do feel the weight of it all sometimes. You too?


The ability to Simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so the the necessary my speak. Hans Hofmann


Anyway, I just wanted to focus this posting, on that one word…Simplify, and see if it isn’t possible that I embrace that concept even more than I have already decided to do, in 2017.

What about you? Is this something that you’ve considered, lately? Feel free to share in the comments below…


As always, I’m so happy that you stopped by.

I love that you do.

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Best, Laura aka Hastypearl

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  1. I love seeing your gardens and and I love gardening and I always looked forward to winters to take a little break from gardening chores, but here in florida, there is never a break… LOL
    so it is always a balancing act for me and I don’t have the miles of beds that you do! Simplify!! Yes… but the flowers call my name!! Your wren piece is wonderful, brilliant stitches.. and I adore wrens!! we speak the same language, dear Laura!

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