Hastypearl Art Studio ReArrange; Ahhh, Room To Breathe! by Hastypearl

Art Studio ReArrange; Ahhh, Room To Breathe!

by Hastypearl

Are You a Furniture Hog, like me ?!

Yep, I’m a sucker for Turn of the Last Century, Golden Oak. It’s in a sales slump say the antique dealers. Seems that the millinneals are looking for Mid Century decor. Yeah, the kind of stuff that I grew up with ; ).

Well, thats great by me and means that those of us looking for a little older history, can find it at really great prices.

Being a Mixed Media Artist, I’m always looking for storage and ways to be organized. While I’m so tempted to buy “easy to put together” shelving, my heart just won’t let me, and I fall for vintage drawers, every time.

Hastypearl Art Studio Changes. Image is a little bright near the window, but that’s the Button Case I’ll mention. Can you see it?

I also have at tendency to do something and live with it. Like moving a not so useful piece of furniture into my studio (because it’s beautiful and it seduced me;) and not thinking about how I don’t really need it in there and how it takes up so much space.

Love is blind ; )

New Table Workspace.

So, my brain imagined me not inching my way around my space one day, and decided to move the bulgingly large (but beautiful;) Vintage Spool Case that was living next to the window, and replace it with a folding table that I already had in the garage (which I use for art workshops).

I made the trade and the feeling that I had immediately was…ahhhh…Room To Breathe!!! and extra and much more useful…(no extra charge) space!

Closer Look at New Table.

And because I’m an eternal Form Over Function (that’s what got me into trouble in the first place) girl, I couldn’t just plug in a plastic table, I had to drape it in some unused fabric I had. Yes, of course I went back and added some 4ML plastic over the top (like the older neighbor would do with their lamps and sofa’s, that the millennials  are buying 🙂

Vintage Spool Case in a better place.

So, while I’d love to have this beautiful Case next to me while I’m working, I now have this breath of fresh air tabletop, that I am committed to (trying to) keep clean. I have two other tables that I can glue on, paint on etc.,but this one, I plan to use to compose on  and not risk staining/splashing, what I’m working on!

How about you? Are you like me and stay in the same old groove?

Well, Im challenging you to try to look at things today, with a new eye and see if you can’t improve your world.

You KNOW it will feel great.


Hastypearl Site UPDATE !

Here are my latest Art For Sale, listings !

I’m really enjoying my Woo Commerce plugin, that we added here at Hastypearl.

It’s just like any other store, with the capability for you to use your credit cards or PayPal !

Just take a look on the front page here, and tap one of the listings pictures, or tap on the link on each item, below.

There you will see each listing. Complete with stories about the item, the materials that I used, the price and all of the how to’s of putting an item in your cart. It’s all just like it was on etsy, but now, no more middleman, it’s just You and me !

I can’t wait for you to see these items and think about who you could surprise and bring joy into their lives, by sending them a one of a kind Hastypearl art piece : )

Vintage Clock Finials and Vintage Car Keys were used as Pinnochio.$88. (Includes Shipping:)
Wren Mixed Media Assemblage Collage $60. (Includes Shipping)


Art Piece Angel Assemblage Box Hastypearl $58. (Includes shipping:)


Found Vintage Cream Buttons set on a Clay backing with a Pin back.$46. (Includes Shipping:)


As always, I’m delighted that you stopped by Hastypearl. It’s a treat for me that you did!

I’d love to hear about ways that You have updated a space, to make it more enjoyable and useful for your life.

Enjoy your days and I’ll be back later!

Laura aka Hastypearl

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