Hastypearl and Belle Armoire Magazine Dreams DO Come True!

Hastypearl and Belle Armoire Magazine

Dreams DO Come True !

Do you believe that? Of course you Do !

If you had told me five years ago, when Hastypearl was born, that I would be published in a magazine as incredible as Belle Armoire, well, you would have probably seen me laugh and heard me say…Yeah, right!

Over the last five years, I have said it over and over…Dreams DO Come True!

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So thrilled to have my #StoryBrooches included in the Summer 2017 issue : )

Stampington & Company has MANY publications, a number of which, Hastypearl has been blessed to have been published in.

Belle Armoire, Creating Artistic Clothing & Accessories, is the latest.

From start to finish, it is Elevated Art in Fashion, at it’s finest.

The contributing artists in the Summer 2017 issue, see the world with unique and gifted eyes.

You won’t be able to stop turning the pages, to see what lovely clothes and accessories they have created…and the photography is amazing.

Hastypearls’ Story Brooches article in Belle Armoire

My jewelry submissions were what I call, Story Brooches.

Mixed Media Art pieces for sure, but this time I went a step further, and made them…Wearable.

You know me by know, I’m consumed by Story.

Your Story, My story, Vintage Parts’ stories…ALL Stories!

Sometimes, stories are Real, Tangible and Verifiable and sometimes…they just need to be Imagined.

I love Both Kinds : )

Mixed Media Jewelry Pins Brooches by Hastypearl

While I want you to see the issue and read my entire article, I wanted to give you a little taste of what I created, here.

These Brooches were made with my Very Best Vintage Parts.

Along with them, I added engraved text to start the Story for You…the viewer…

Be Kind

Help Others

Dream Big

Danielle Williams Assistant Senior Managing Editor Belle Armoire

None of us could enjoy or participate in these Stampington issues without a list of lovely people.

These editors, believe in Art and it’s Creators.

Yes, they need our submissions, but they go out of their way to make beautiful and inspiring publications.

A special thanks to Danielle Williams, Christen Hammons and Amber Demien, for believing in Hastypearl, over and over!

I tell them that they have the BEST jobs in the world!

I found Danielle Williams editors letter, in the front of the magazine, very affirming.

“Within the following pages, our contributing artists explore this concept of slow fashion, telling story after story of the beauty of handmade.”

Wait! Did she say Story? Twice?

Yes, she did.: )

I’m so happy to be included in this magazine with other Storytellers !

Be Kind Brooch

So, order a copy from Stampington.com/publications, or stop by your local bookstore and pick one up.

Then go home and pour yourself a cup of something delicious and enjoy some time for You, and don’t be surprised when you get through, that you don’t have the sudden urge to create something !

“It’s not what you look at, it’s what you see.” #HenryDavidThoreau

And honestly, Submitting Your art to magazines, is something that You should be doing!

I haven’t gotten a Yes, every time, but its good for us to do and so EXHILARATING when the Yes, comes !

#BelleArmoire Summer 2017

So, I’ll leave you with my Story Brooch Challenge…


It’s FUN 😉


Best as Always and I’ll be Back Soon ! Laura

ps…thanks so much to those of you that have subscribed to receive an email from Hastypearl, letting you know when I’ve blogged or listed a new item in my shop. I hope you sweet reader, will subscribe along with us !

You make me Smile !




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