5 Steps To Transferring An Image Using Shipping Tape Hastypearl

5 Steps To Transferring An Image Using Shipping Tape


Don’t you think the idea of Transferring An Image, is magical ?

For some reason it always has been for me.

I guess because it’s not a perfect art, so the wonder of seeing if it’s going to work, holds me. : )

Well, I think THIS 5 Step Process will finally be the One that you will go back to over and over, again.

It’s Easy and Fun.

Let’s get started….

Image Tape Transfer materials

This method works best with Heavy Duty Shipping tape.

Tear off the size tape that you want Your final transfer to be.

Step 1 Tape Transfer

Lay the tape on your paper, smoothly. I used a Vintage Dictionary page, that had lovely engravings.

Step 2 Image Transfer

Rub the tape with something hard, but smooth, like a bone folder. I used my scissor handles.

Take your time with this, making sure that you rub over the entire image.

Step 3 Tape Image Transfer

Cut around Your shipping tape.

Step 4 Image Transferring

Drop your tape with newly attached paper into water and let it soak…

Does Waiting 5 Minutes count as a step? : )

…for 5 minutes.

Or, long enough to sing your favorite song all the way through…twice…

but, not long enough to bake a batch of cookies ; )

Step 5 Last step

After the paper is good and wet, take it out of the water bath and begin gently rubbing the paper from the back of the tape. You can dip your finger in the water, if the paper dries out. Keep rubbing, until you get as much of the paper removed as you want. Don’t go all Rambo (overdo) with it, or you could literally remove the ink that you wanted transferred, in the first place.

Slow and steady wins the race!

You Did It !!

And there you go! Beautifully clear tape with your image safely Transferred.

You’ll literally made your Own (non-sticky ) Tape, by Transferring your favorite images !

As a Creative, I know that You will think of a Jillion ways that you can use this in your Art, Collage, Assemblage, Scrapbooking, Card Making, and yes, now You can try all kinds of papers and tapes to see what You’ll get.

It’s what we do as we Explore Vintage Parts and Heirloom Art (making), Together!


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I’m so happy that you stopped by today.


Best as Always and I’ll see you back here, soon : ) Laura aka hastypearl

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  1. Thanks for this Laura – I have tried this method in the past and loved the result! xxx

    1. Great!
      I love your work, friend and soooo glad to see you stopped by.
      Hope to see you again, often.
      Best to You…Laura

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