Art Call Submissions, Continued… by Hastypearl


Art Call Submissions, Continued…

by Hastypearl

Hey You !

Happy Dog Days of Summer, for You in the northern hemisphere.

In Texas, that means it’s HOT…REALLY HOT!

It’s the kind of hot that tends to drive us inside, to do things that won’t make us melt.

For me, August has been about getting ready for the Redstone(Colorado) Art Foundation Labor Day Art Show

and submitting my art, to various Art Calls.

I am SOOOOO not computer savvy. I mean, I am hanging on by a thread most of the time. I kind of know a few things to do, and I mostly stick to them, but submitting to different calls, has forced me to add to those basics.

Thankfully, there are some Extremely Generous folks out there, that help me through or at least say that ONE THING, that reminds me of what I did, the last time. Thank you for that right word this time…Lyn Belisle , extraordinary human and friend. (and yes, I was very serious about wanting to move in with you ; )

My instructions on yesterdays art call form were, “image size 2100 pixels on the longest side (equivalent to 7″ at 300 dpi) JPEG format RGB color only”. Yep, I read that and my head spun around a few times. I opened Photoshop CC, the version that I use. When I tried to resize my photos, another number, would pop out of the exceptable range. But, when I remembered 300dpi, from my last submission, everything fell into place after that. Repetition is the way to learning, right?

Well, at least I HOPE that it was right! I guess I will find out soon enough, since I entered my submissions last night.

I’m really so impressed at all of the computer knowledge that people possess out there, and I know that it didn’t just fall into their laps. They worked really hard and for years, to open the doors for people like me to walk through. And when I feel a little stupid for being so far behind, I try to remind myself of the things that I HAVE been working on the last 40 years and I am grateful for every one of those days.

We all walk down different paths…or maybe better said…we can’t individually walk down EVERY path, but we can gather little bits of as much as we want, along the way ; )

So, I thought I would send You just a few little keyhole peeks, of the items that I sent to the art call. This call was from a lovely and prestigious local group, whose focus is on Fibers. What a wondrously talented group of people. I will tell you who they are, if any of my pieces are accepted, but I didn’t think it appropriate, until then.

Of COURSE, my fingers are crossed that it will go well, but if not this time, there will be other opportunities. Again, submitting my art more, was one of my 2017 goals and I have enjoyed both the learning process and the highs and lows of receiving the Yes, or Sorry not this time, but please try again : )

I hope that You will enjoy these images…Click the images for a better view!


Hastypearl Eco Dye Vintage Dress
Hastypearl Vintage Dress Eco Dyed
Hastypearl Mixed Media Women’s Brooch
Hastypearl Mixed Media Wall Art Brilliant Weave
Pocket on Eco Dyed Vintage Childs Dress with Hastypearl Embroidery work


You know by now, what a Vintage-holic I am. So, maybe you would like to read what I wrote for my artist statement, which would be placed next to my art, if it is selected?

“As an artist, utilization of what I call collected Vintage Parts, whether they be Nature Made or Man Made, are essential in my goal of open ended story telling. My intention is to start a conversation using my engineered art, and then stepping back and leaving the conclusion of that story, up to the viewer. It brings me great joy, to jog deep memories and to prove to us all, that there is Mundane and Brilliance, in Everyone’s timeline.” Laura Roberts aka Hastypearl

Submitting to magazines, art calls, are only a couple of ways to encourage You/me, to work through WHY we create what we create. If for no other reason, it’s a really good reason to submit.

How does this resonate with You ?

Does it encourage you to take the steps for putting yourself out there more, in your particular area of interest?

Oh, I hope so !

With some devastating loss, new opportunities that I never dreamed of, have found their way into my life. I wish I had trusted a Father, that wasn’t ever wringing His hands about my next steps, and knowledge of this, has built my faith.

I’m so happy that you found Hastypearl.

It’s amazing where You all come from! So many wonderful places.

Take a minute and look around the website. It’s a Shop And a Blog. There is a LOT to see!

Thanks to those who have committed to Follow this page and my admitted, Hastiness!

The Very Best to You…As Always…Laura aka Hastypearl


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