Life Done in Inches and Seconds, Instead of Miles and Hours by Hastypearl

Life Done in Inches and Seconds,

Instead of Miles and Hours

by Hastypearl

Hi All !

Thanks for stopping by Hastypearl !

I don’t know what its like where you live, but it’s HOT in Texas. Why it seems remarkable after living here for my WHOLE LIFE, I’m not sure : ) It still comes up in conversations with the locals, like its a brand new topic. Anyway, I find at this time of the year, that I will stand in the house, looking out at the (crazy big) garden and think, I need to pull that, cut that back, thin that, deadhead that, etc. Then, Overwhelmed, I turn from the view and walk away. All of the not so surprising reasons keep me from actually going out and crossing off those things on my list, like…I’ll melt, I’ll have to take another shower, my hair will frizz, it’s too much, etc.

A couple of days ago I thought, just go do it girl. Set your timer and stay an hour or until the sun comes up over the hill or until the cloud cover leaves. It really didn’t matter what time limit I gave myself, whatever I got done in those moments, would be More than those that I was standing inside Thinking about doing it!

I went outside for an hour, and got an amazing amount done. Not all of it, but an important SOME of it.

I thought about how often we won’t call that person, write that letter, work on our art, submit to that art show or magazine, work that poem or book we are writing, because we convince ourselves that we don’t have the time.

Whats wrong with us, right? Studies show that perfectionists (which I am NOT one) won’t get started on something because of fears that they won’t be good enough, etc. Many of us have our reasons, but I think for me, I just think in the BIG picture too much, instead of the “eating the elephant one bite at a time” approach, more.

So, how did I survive my hour? Wonderfully well, actually. It’s not all done. It really can’t Ever be, because of the sheer size of my garden, but it was a refreshing time outside, where I’m in community with flying, chirping, splashing, rippling things.

How Wonderful !

Life CAN come in the Inches and Seconds, and not always in Miles and Hours.


I also thought that we all tend to project our best foot forward, don’t we? After all, it’s a land of Instagram and Pinterest, (come see me at both ; ) isn’t it. I love to send out pictures like the first 3, because it shows the beauty of my surroundings.

Volunteer Morning Glory in Hastypearl garden
White Morning Glory Repeat performer
Standard Chocolate Goldendoodle Darcy, is never far away

However, I seldom send out pics like the next 3, the behind the scenes of holes of missing grass in the lawn, piles of pulled weeds, and yes, my FRIZZY hair!

Gardeners dont show the bad stuff : )
Weeds done in just a few minutes
When Curly hair and Humidity collide (boy, theres some real transparency going on here !)

I just thought I’d be honest with You. That I wish I had more time to do all of the things that I want to do, but I don’t. And Many of You (bless you) who work full time or part time jobs, have even Less time.

Let’s agree, that we have to be honest and Be Free to just get the Inches and Seconds taken care of and leave the Miles and Hours, to someone else!


And finally, for those of You that live in Colorado, I would love to invite You to the 2017 Redstone Art Foundation, Labor Day Art Show, September 1-4. There will be REMARKABLE Art and Craft for You to add to Your collections. Every year that I participate, I walk around thinking, “I can’t believe that hastypearl is a part of this group of talented individuals”!  The venue is the emerald green lawn of the Redstone Inn and You can’t find a MORE BEAUTIFUL VALLEY in Colorado. You’ll see the large white Victorian Tent where the event is held. Please, take the time, to take the lovely drive and please come to my space, because I want to MEET YOU ! My show is completely different than my previous shows. Thanks in advance for the incredible Volunteers that spend HOURS making this show possible. And finally, a percentage of all sales go to young artists headed to art schools all over America.


2017 Redstone Art Foundation Labor Day Art Show


So, Enjoy your days! Do the things that you love, even if only for a few seconds everyday.

You DESERVE the nourishment : )

And as always, the Very Best to You… Laura aka hastypearl

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