Moving Forward and Aren’t the Days Busy ? by Hastypearl

Moving Forward and Aren’t the Days Busy ?

by Hastypearl

Hey You, friends of Hastypearl !

I’ve been running around getting “those proverbial crazy ducks” in a row, and I thought about how often that seems to be the case.

For You, too?

Over the last 9NINE9 (months), the same amount of time that it takes to grow a baby and 8 months and 24 days more than it took for God to make the whole Earth, we have been working on a complete overhaul of our house in Colorado. We did the top floor last year, and this year, we did the next two floors And the exterior.

You wondered if that could be done long distance (from Texas) ?

Yes, it actually can!

It’s a little crazy, but with a million phone calls and texts, it CAN be done.

The truth is, as those of you that have followed Hastypearl for a while already know, we have dreamed of having our own place in this area our whole adult lives, and it’s finally happened. But, the strange irony is, since we became Owners, we haven’t had Nearly as much Fun, as we did when we only Visited there ! Eeek!

So many Good reasons to go to the Mountains

The very good news is that we are Finally going there, to see how the remodel has progressed. Carpets are being cleaned at this moment, so that is a VERY GOOD SIGN!

House Exterior

We took the house from having a very simple, sort of styleless elevation, to Having A Style. I simply took a photo of the exterior of the house, and lay a piece of tracing paper over the image and used my pencil to Dream. My very tolerant builder and I worked out every inch of the design, over the phone. There is still work going on outside, and I will of course send followup photos.

Masons are ARTISTS!!!

Our Mason, an Artist at age 72, is doing unbelievable work. He has chiseled a rough stack of rocks into a thing of Beauty. Self confessed rock geeks, my husband and I gathered up additional stones, to add to the pallets of Moss Rock that we bought. Mason, has thoughtfully fit the most specially colored ones, where they will be most visually enjoyed.

Our Epic Eyebrow Dormer addition challenge. Sorry for the blur…this is a text pic from our contractor

A REAL challenge was the addition of the eyebrow window. Meant to allow light into a very dark interior space, it has also added exterior and interior interest. It seemed easy to me, to point to the roof and say, place it right there ; ) It was Harder however, to do in real life ! I can’t wait to walk by and look out to see the tops of the aspen and evergreens on the mountains outside and especially the Stars, that look so much Bigger in the mountains! (forgive the clarity of these photos…they were quickie phone sends from the builder)

Custom cabinets also built by a Furniture building Artist

Another amazing talent on the job, was our Fine Furniture maker, turned carpenter. I’m not sure that he would EVER call himself that, but along with refacing our cabinets, I gave him enough custom ideas, to keep him interested. I can’t WAIT to see this replica of a century piece, that we have in our Texas home. It was REALLY fun to work with him (over the phone ;).

Favorite View at our Colorado home, but the Last time to see this Exterior

Before we left Colorado the last time, we took Everything out of cabinets and stuck it all in PLACES. Literally places where we thought it would all be out of the way. Well, in the end, there really Wasn’t any place that Wasn’t in the way. When we arrive, we won’t know where anything is! And we will only have a few days until the OTHER reason that we are going to Colorado and that is for the Redstone Art Foundation Labor Day Art Show. I am inCREDibly honored to be included and this is my third year.


2017 Redstone Art Foundation Labor Day Art Show
I had the Honor of making the Artists Nametags…

The last two years, I have FILLED my space with Hastypearl Mixed Media Art. This year, my show will be totally different. It has all either been shipped or will go with us in our carry on bags. See, I TOLD you I had been busy : )

Redstone Art Foundation Labor Day Art Show 2016

My husband is a great help, getting me set up every morning and then, he Disappears. I don’t have to have a GREAT imagination to tell you what he’s doing during those hours : ) It is SO beautiful. I don’t know how he concentrates on the fishing…

There WILL be relaxation, too
View of the Raggeds off of our upper deck
Heart Shadow on stone by Crystal River

Eventually, we will get things to the point where we can go there and have a whole different rhythm. One where wandering and dreaming and creating, reading, and planning, can happen at a leisurely pace. I look forward to those days, for sure.

Finally, it hasn’t ALL been work. I’ve been wanting to explore the world of Printing. I’ve known for a good while, that it was an area I wanted to study. WELL, it Has BEGUN and I can tell that I will be exploring, for a long while. I don’t have access to a press, so I will be restricted to what I can accomplish, with my ingenuity.

These were my first attempts !

First experimental Monoprints


Today, was a Partial Eclipse in Texas. Some of you in the eastern parts of the US are still experiencing it, as I’m writing.

I was surprised when I saw an anchor on a major television media literally crying, during the Total Eclipse on the west coast. It’s not surprising really. When we acknowledge the Massive Perfection of Creation and it’s Designer, it IS humbling and can make us feel very small and teary.

I’m happy that I got to participate in it in via text with my extended family, whom I love dearly !

I feel the same way about You, my Extended Creative family….

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll be back, soon!

Best, Laura aka Hastypearl

ps. My Hastypearl shop is closed for a short while, but if you see something that you want me to hold for you until I can get back to shipping, please use the Contact button and I will happily reserve it for you : )



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