Redstone, Colorado Labor Day Art Show Recap by Hastypearl

Redstone, Colorado Labor Day Art Show Recap

by Hastypearl

Close your eyes. Dream of a beautiful Victorian town. Nestle it down into a valley, as beautiful as any in Europe.

Now…open your eyes!

It’s not a dream. That little place really exists. It’s a touch of Nirvana and everyone experiences that when they visit or live in Redstone, Colorado. It’s remarkable actually, when you think of how it’s managed to retain that wonder over the years and actually surprising when you hear how few Coloradans, seem to know about it.

Hastypearl readers, already know that we first found it in the mid seventies and have returned, so many times. It became our hearts desire almost immediately. Now, finally our dream has come true and we are homeowners.

Through ordained circumstances, I was invited to participate in the Redstone Art Foundations BEAUTIFUL Art Show, in 2015 and I’ve  returned every year.

Is it Work? Uhh, YES!

For EVERYONE, but that’s what that little valley is all about. Never have you seen soooo many folks giving and giving to so many causes, there. How blessed we are to now be a part of it all.

Historic Redstone Inn in Colorado

The little historical city is fascinating, and that’s what makes it such a perfect location for the MOST Wonderful art show. Set on the emerald green lawn of the Redstone Inn…All of the art can ONLY look wonderful, in that setting!

A third of all of the sales go to Art School Scholarships for Crystal River Valley students. What an honor to be a part of that encouragment.

Before the show, all artists are asked to inventory their art and send it in. No additional pieces can be added after arrival. I was soooo disappointed when I had failed to list one of my larger pieces, on the inventory list.

My Bad!

But, the very morning of the show start, I received the news, that a Hastypearl piece had been sold at the Redstone Art Gallery !


With owner Stephanie and Michaels thumbs up, my piece that had been omitted from my inventory, replaced my sold piece ! Amazing how things work out, when we just B R E A T H E, right?

Hastypearl Encaustic Book Art Piece SOLD Thank you Denver, buyer !
New  Hastypearl Encaustic Piece, titled Fly, is available at the beautiful  Redstone Art Gallery
Early signs of good things !
Not just ANY tent. The MOST BEAUTIFUL Victorian tent, perfectly suitable for the Victorian community of Redstone, Colorado.
Laying out possible art to take to the show on the floor of an extra bedroom

Long before any Art Show, work is going on in Studios all over the nation. Ideas are brought to life, packed and shipped to the location. My studio is in my home, and I find a place on the floor of another room, to see how the whole show, starts to look.


I don’t have a big fancy studio, but I CAN patter upstairs at all hours to mine, when an idea strikes.

Every studio situation comes with its advantages and disadvantages : )

Artsists nametags

I was again Honored to have been asked to make the 2017 name tags. Every year I do something different, and find it quite a meditative process. Imagining what each person will be like, praying for them and in a neat way, bonding with them, long before I meet them.

Every year, Larry helps me get things set up. So great and helpful…

I’m so fortunate to have Larry help me. Even though I’ve thought out every detail ahead of time, I find myself asking, what do you think about this placement, etc. He’s got a great eye and solid genes, as his parents sold art and framing in San Antonio for years. Plus, he’s tall. That comes in handy : )

Last minute touches adding each art pieces name tag
Ahh! Finished and ready to GO! Hastypearl in Redstone : )


I look like I just stepped off of a cloud, but of course, I’ve been working towards the opening for months!

After doing my first art show, my regard instantly soared, for people who do this for a living, year ’round !

Making art friends was my initial reason for saying yes, to the Redstone Art Foundation. What a great decision!


Doug Senteney Drawing

Being “newcomers” to home ownership in the Crystal Valley, it was very important to me to meet and befriend it’s artist residents. I had NO IDEA what a gain that would be for me. It’s like the cool air ions in the valley, breed artists. So many wonderful galleries dot the small towns, including Redstone, Glenwood Springs, Basalt and Aspen.

I’ve met so many wonderful individuals.

I will be posting interviews with some of them, soon.

Two of my favorites have been my mates in the little corridor where Hastypearls’ panel is. The panels above show Sharon Englehart’s and Doug Senteney’s art. They both have those kinds of minds, that you just stare at their work and wonder…HOW?

WHERE…do those imaginative ideas come from?

Technicians in different disciplines, but WOW…each so amazing. And both…kind. Such kind, big hearts.

Not only are we sellers we are also BUYERS ! How can you Not be when you are in the presence of such talented artists ?

I also met a Wonderful knitter, Brigitte Heller and was seduced to purchase the sweater above. I asked Brigette if she would add a loop to this sweater that l bought, imagining some rudimentary yarn and in minutes, she showed me a beautifully finished loop that will slip over one of my vintage 1940’s buttons, from my button collection. I fell in love with her instantly and look forward to meeting her again. I know that she has brilliant wisdom to share with me, from her interesting life.

Another Wonderful Year!

Yes, it was Wonderful. All of it.

I feel/know in my heart, how much I Am Loved.

A loving Creator of the Universe…the One that details the artistic features that mattered to Him in the building of His earthly temple and the One that specified those details to the artists skilled in all manner of disciplines. The Same One, whispers ideas to me in my studio, in my pjs…in the middle of the night…and tells me that He loves me, and shows me in so many ways.

Inclusion in the Redstone Labor Day Art Show and in the circles of amazing people that live there…is one of them.


One of the types of art that I show in Redstone, and has done very well, are my Angels.

This Mixed Media Clay Angel, called Rose Heart, is an example and is available in my commerce store, at

I can have her in your mailbox in a few days : )

She’s wonderful and will bring you or the one that you gift her to, Joy !

You can find her and many other items, here.


Handmade Mixed Media Angel by Hastypearl

I’m so happy that you found Hastypearl !

Please join the many that follow this site, by signing up on the right.

See you again, very soon…Laura aka hastypearl





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7 thoughts on “Redstone, Colorado Labor Day Art Show Recap by Hastypearl

  1. Laura,
    It was such a joy to spend time with you again at the Redstone Art show! Your art and professionalism in marketing is inspiring. And we love the piece Doug bought!

    1. Larry and I are so impressed with you both. You’ve spent your lives in service of others. Now, you get to enjoy your art just for yourselves. Can’t wait to see what next for you two! Best, Laura

    2. YOU guys are my inspiration. I have Much to learn and you are awesome teachers…Looking forward to many more shows together! Laura

  2. Looks like it was a wonderful show and you are settling in quite well, GORGEOUS display and I know that you will make lots of new friends anywhere you go, because you are such a dearheart!! x

    1. Caterina. You are an encouragement MACHINE. Many of us look to you for “how it’s done” in so many categories. I love your work, it’s recognizable as you. So happy to have had you stop by…xo Laura

  3. Laura, finally have some time to write overdue notes.
    thank you for the pack rat card with the ribbon, twine, and other materials he brought.
    we are packing and cleaning to leave co for sedona, az, we live there 7 months till May
    and then pack & clean & return to carbondale for 5 months. being a gypsy or nomad is the best of both worlds. this fall has been the greatest for photography. the red maples did that.
    thank you for making the name tags. i have a show on nov. 8th and will wear it then.
    so nice to have met you in redstone! have a great rest of the year and hope to see you in sept.
    hugs, lin benzel

    1. Hi Lin, how nice to hear from you! YOU were the generous one. So glad that we got to know each other during the Labor Day Art Show…and that we will meet again. Best, Laura

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