Hastypearl and Art on 8th in Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Hastypearl and Art on 8th in Glenwood Springs, Colorado

by Hastypearl

Welcome to the Official start of Fall for all of you here in the Northern Hemisphere and for the rest of the world, you are happily headed towards warmer days. Isn’t it wonderful how different all of our home locations are and yet, we still Celebrate the Wonders of this beautiful planet, together? : )

I’ve sooo been Looking Forward, to introducing you to a place that I find very inspiring. It’s called, Art on 8th, Glenwood Springs, Colorado.

I’ve included their contact info below, in case you would like to reach them.

Art on 8th is a Gallery…and sooo much more. It was First established as a Weaving Program with the Colorado Mountain Valley Developmental Services, which is a non-profit organization serving individuals, with developmental disabilities. The Weaving Program provides adults, the opportunity to work in the community and helps foster their independence. The weavers keep the proceeds from their BEAUTIFUL and WONDERFULLY made hand woven products.

I am sooo sorry that I didn’t take any pics of their beautiful products, but you learn more about them at mtnvalley.org. I will be sure to get you some of those pics. They create some of the most difficult patterns I have ever seen and they are PERFECT!

Three cheers to You weavers. You are First Class Artists!

Threads used by the talented weavers at Art on 8th
Looms in Art on 8th
View from looms into Art on 8th Gallery

Following the development of the Weaving Program at Art on 8th, came the retail Art Gallery space.

I took the pic above to see how beautifully the two focuses of the gallery, meld.

View of Art on 8th Gallery from second floor
Every inch of the gallery is used beautifully …even the ceilings !
Carol, from Art on 8th approached me at the Redstone Art Foundation Labor Day Art Show and I’m so glad that she did : )

Carol, a sales representative at the gallery, approached me during the Labor Day Art Show about becoming a part of the gallery. It was an incredibly busy trip to Colorado, due to the art show and the house remodel, but I happily made it over to Art on 8th, with art in tow, to meet Melissa DeHaan, Art Director, and take a tour.

It didn’t take any arm twisting to know that I was completely SOLD on their focus of offering individuals who have had challenges in their lives, an opportunity for a fulfilling life and marrying it with other artists of all disciplines. Art on 8th Gallery, is housed in a remodeled vintage building…You already know my heart about vintage and besides…it just FEELS good inside. Melissa made me feel totally welcome and showed me her enthusiasm for the Mountain Valley Weavers…and I said, YES!

Of COURSE, I said Yes !

So, this exciting new Hastypearl/Art on 8th association, is dedicated to my nephew, Mark Niccum, whom we Loved and were Blessed beyond belief for knowing and for all of the other sweet children of God and the families that raise them, that face developmental challenges, in ways that most of us won’t ever understand.

Can you see my Hastypearl pieces, on the top layer of art, on the vintage brick walls ?

Thanks, Melissa! You make Hastypearl look really great.

Eco dyed scarves and runners sent to Art on 8th

As I was leaving my visit to Art on 8th, I noticed some beautiful eco dyed scarves for sale. I asked Melissa about them, and she said that the artist that sold them there, was no longer going to be making them.

Hmmm, I thought.

Hastypearl LOVES making them, so with Melissa’s approval, I’ve just sent a packet FULL of my recent eco dyed scarves and runners. It made me smile to see them headed to Colorado, where a little something wrapped around the neck, is called for Most months of the year!

Very soon, I will blog about my process of sending, if you are interested…but, first…

Darcy and her Brown Bear, both napping on their backs !
Darcy with Green Frog on her head !

Back from Colorado, here in Texas, our crazy fun Chocolate Goldendoodle, constantly makes us laugh. I couldn’t resist taking a (not so modest) pic of Darcy “belly up” laying next to her brown bear that she deposited on the floor, also “belly up”.

And the second image, is hilarious.

She has a lot of toys. She loves for us to toss them and having retriever in her breeding, she brings them right back to us. This green toy on her head, is a floppy, long, frog. Normally, when we are playing, the SECOND that I put it on her back, she bucks around and gets it OFF of her back….U N L E S S, she sees Keaton, our menacing calico and then…alllll TIME STANDS STILL. She stood looking out the window with the frog ON HER HEAD for over 2 minutes, dreaming of chasing THAT EVIL CAT 🙂

Crystal River near our house…looking up towards the Raggeds

Life is so good.

It’s so full of Wonder and Challenges and Learning and Discovery.

Even when we are having bad days, it’s LIKELY better then many peoples across the world.

I Won’t Stop being Thankful for my life and how Generous God is to me…

I’m so happy that you stopped by and spent a few minutes with Hastypearl.

There is always something fun to report…and I would love it if you wanted to follow along.

You can do that by signing up, where it says Follow/Submit.

I’ll be back very soon…

The Very Best to You…Laura aka Hastypearl



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