How I Packaged and Shipped Hastypearl Eco Dyed Scarves to a Gallery by Hastypearl


How I Packaged and Shipped Hastypearl Eco Dyed Scarves, to a Gallery

by Hastypearl

Have You read my last blog posting titled, Hastypearl and Art On 8th In Glenwood Springs, Colorado? The one about joining up with a Glenwood Springs, Colorado Art Gallery called, Art on 8th?

I hope you will backtrack and take a look. ( Don’t miss a Hastypearl posting by simply typing your email address in the provided place called, Follow/Subscribe. I hope you do!)

Well, if you did read my last posting, you know that it was agreed that I would send out to Art On 8th, some of Hastypearl’s eco dyed silk scarves and runners.

I do all of my own shipping from home, so I thought that I would do a quick little overview, of how I handled shipping the scarves.

It was really important that they arrived without fold creases, so I came up with the following idea.

Hastypearl Eco Dyed Table Runner. Dye used was Cochineal

First, I ironed everything, nicely.

Step 1 Make a custom shipping tube.

Normally, I have some extra paper towel rolls, but I couldn’t find any, so I made a couple of my own tubes with something that I ALWAYS have around…brown craft paper.

Step 2 Wrap your tube with tape to hold it in place.

It was actually nice, because I customized the size of the rolls. I simply made the decision about how tight to roll the paper, and wrapped it with some shipping tape.

Step 3 Cut homemade tube to the length that you need.

Then, I cut it the appropriate length for two loaded rolls.

After you iron your scarves, begin rolling them up, one by one on your homemade tubes.

We have a vintage store display case that we use for our kitchen island.

I don’t know what I would DO without it.

I started rolling up my first scarf, keeping it nice and smooth.

After a couple of turns, add your second scarf on top of your first.

Next, came the second scarf on top of the first….

In the end, I comfortably had 7 scarves or runners on each roll.

…and I kept rolling scarves, until I had seven on each tube.

The final two rolls. I wrapped a couple of  wide ribbons around each tube. It’s always fun to make things look pretty.

I love to receive mail that someone has done a little extra, to make things pretty, so I added two wide ribbons to hold things in place. The width of the ribbon kept the scarves from wrinkling.

With a little planning, the two rolls fit perfectly inside of a bubble wrap shipping envelope.

Then, I popped them into a bubble mailer.

Before you tape up the end of the package, make sure that you have everything inside, first !

I can’t tell you how many times when I was in a hurry, that I got the package all sealed up, only to find that I hadn’t added a thank you note, or something that was important to the transaction. You can always open it back up, but its so much more fun when you don’t have to : )


Well, there you go !

Maybe you already know everything that I just showed you, but I always love seeing how someone else does something that I need to do. I often pick up new ideas from reading how other people do things.

I hope that you can translate this, to something that you need to ship.

I had a Packing Supervisor, peeking in my kitchen window, making sure that I was doing everything right ; )

It was fun to look up and see a friend looking at me from outside of my kitchen window. There are certainly tons of little crawly creatures for her to feast on and she is very welcome, here!

Make sure that you take a little tour around, while you are here.

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I have been shopping/giving handmade for a long time and it just feels good to know the person that made the gifts that I give…in other words…consider shopping…Handmade!

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I’m so happy that you stopped by to see me!

I’ll be back very soon!

As always…Best to You…Laura aka Hastypearl.

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  1. Brilliant!!!

    1. I once posted instructions for doing a simple little thing. I wondered if the whole world didn’t already know how to do it, but it got a surprising feedback and one person said they had referred to it over and over. You NEVER know what little thing will help. I have benefit wildly from so many blogs…including yours, that I’ll keep tossing little tidbits back:) So happy you stopped by, Caterina:)?

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