Fiber Artists San Antonio (FASA) 43rd Annual Juried Fiber Art Exhibition by Hastypearl



Fiber Artists San Antonio (FASA) 43rd Annual Juried Fiber Art Exhibition

by Hastypearl

Welcome friend!

I thought I would give you a little tour of a special event held in October, 2017.

University of the Incarnate Word
Kelso Art Center on the University of the Incarnate Word is where the FASA 43rd Annual Juried Fiber Art Exhibition is housed.

FASA’s mission is to promote fiber as an art form, through education, exhibitions, and also  charitable and cultural activities. I would like to add that it’s also a powerful way to foster friendships and community, within the organization.

As a new FASA member, I was first made aware of the show by a sweetheart friend, that seems to travel around on my shoulder, whispering wonderful encouragements. I knew immediately that I would submit my eco dyed vintage dresses. A significant driver in my art process comes from the use of my vintage collections. Using them, I get a feeling of “collaboration” with history. Working in my studio, my mind swirls, with thoughts of what might have gone on, when those vintage pieces were part of day to day life.

I imagined a mother, father, grandparent, bending low and teaching the little wearer of this  petticoat, the Golden Rule…Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.

Be Kind

Help Others

Dream Big

That gave me the idea, of making wearable pins or brooches and engraving these phrases. I created the pins with special parts, from my vintage collection.

The remarkable curator for this show, Doshi, ultimately selected the petticoat below, the one that was called, Be Kind.

Be Kind Hastypearl Eco Dyed Vintage Dress and Handmade Pin

There were 64 pieces selected from submissions from all over the United States. Below are a few of the photos that I  took. The skills and imagination for all of the pieces, was astounding.

Art Quilt by Janis Hooker

Art piece by Michelle Cook

Art piece by Ellen Solari

Art piece by Suzanne White

I had some wonderful friends come to cheer me on. Here are Win and Margaret Brisbin. Margaret is the original Fiber Artist, as she used to make wedding gowns! Not pictured here, but were so sweet to join us were Dawna Luitjen, Carol Heston, Vivien Brown and of course, Larry…my greatest cheerleader.


Pictured right to left are, FASA President, Caryl Gabautz, member Mary Ann Johnson, art show curator, Doshi and Rebecca Lilly Segura who chaired the show, which had to be a bit like lassoing kittens ! Thank you FASA leaders who worked so hard for SUCH A SPECIAL EVENT !


I couldn’t resist sneaking a little shot of Lyn Belisle. An amazing woman…human, who has unlimited ideas, spins more plates than anyone I know, and still has time to answer my endless email questions 🙂 Love you, Lyn!!


My neighbor, date for the night and All Around Winner of the night in my mind, was Linda Rael. She had 2two2 art dolls selected, sold one that night, won the best of Mixed Media category, filled up my car with BEAUTIFUL “hand me down papers” and had another art opening in Boerne, the next night !!! I was but a flower girl in her evening !


Linda Rael Art Doll 1 of 2 selected


It’s Me! Hastypearl…feeling TOTALLY HONORED to be among such esteemed and remarkable artists and souls.

If you weren’t able to make the opening night, the exhibit runs through November 19. Most works are for sale : ) Think…what would you like ask Santa to add to your walls, in 2017 !


I know I sound like a broken record, but the things that have happened to me over the last years, due to sweet nudges and encouragements from wise and experienced artists, continues to blow me away.

I know that there are industries, where sharing isn’t the norm, but I haven’t found this to be true in my art world at all. Nothing makes me prouder, than to thank the many that have shown genuine care for me. Those of you that I’m thinking of, have already been thanked many, many times, but thank you AGAIN.

YOU show me how to take my next steps and how to pass the encouragement…ON.

In other words, someone taught them very early to, Be Kind : )


Well reader, I’m so happy that you took this little tour of a special moment in my life. Make sure that you take a look at my art that is for sale, here at hastypearl. WooCommerce is a very safe way to shop handmade. Go to Pay pal in your cart and there you will have the option to use the credit card of your choice or Pay pal. I’ll have it in your mailbox before you know it : )

Thanks for stopping by!

The very best to you and I’ll be back soon…Laura aka hastypearl

Feel free to sign up to receive an email when I next post. I hope you will !

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  1. I’m so delighted with your work, Laura – you are just blooming and blossoming into your true artist’s soul!!

    1. Looking forward to more learning from me and more teaching from you. I am a creative…”belonger” 😉 Laura

    2. Im a pretty lucky girl having you in my cheering corner. I really am…Best, Laura

  2. Cool gig ya got going on there, NIce to see Win and Margaret made it out. See ya soon

    1. Thanks, Joel. It was lots of fun and was I completely honored to be in such esteemed company. It was a Beautiful show and yes, it was fun to see special friends cheering me on: ) 🌻

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