And Then This Happened…Part 2 Hastypearl


And Then This Happened…Part 2

by Hastypearl

Sometimes, we have to take things in smaller bites, therefore, I decided to break one long posting up into two. Of course, these are only highlights of things that happened in my life, over a short period. It’s a great way for me to reflect and also to share them with you.

Several times a year, I clear the decks on my mantles and tabletops and do fresh tablescapes. I can’t help it. I’m a collector. Not of expensive things, in fact much of what I display, has been picked up from walks…everywhere. I was thinking today, that I probably have more feathers, creatures, nests and homes, books, papers, fibers etc. in my freezers, than food. Why? Before most things come into my house, they go into my freezers to kill any creepy crawlies. You would be surprised what a dead rhinoceros beetle carcass, can house !

In this scene below, are some of my favorite pieces in white. It must have brought us luck, as we recently had our first significant SCentral Texas snow, since the 1980’s. I set this up scene up in a space behind our kitchen sink. Somehow, it makes washing dishes just a little more tolerable : ) I often do expanded images of these scenes over at Instagram under the name @Hastypearl. Come see?

So, keeping with the previous postings template…


This happened…

I have built into our last two houses, an area behind our kitchen sink, to display things that I love.

And Then This Happened…

Of COURSE, December tomatoes! We live in SCentral Texas, after all : ) Not only do we have fresh tomatoes at most Thanksgiving and Christmas tables, but these Juliet Heirloom tomatoes, reseed every year, just by my leaving them on the ground to volunteer.

And Then This Happened…

Fun Factoid. When was the last time that it snowed in SCentral Texas? The Answer comes with the  following picture.
Answer! In 1987 we got 1.3″, but in 1985, we got 13″. Unprecedented!

For people who have snow as a normal part of their year, you can only imagine how magical it is for those of us that wait decades for it. Schools close for a few flakes and the inevitable pile up car accidents, occur. San Antonio is the 7th largest city in America. We have massive spaghetti like highway overpasses, where the cold air passes underneath causing black ice, to form. Unsuspecting commuters, hit the ice and spin. Its just part of these weather events. We also don’t have special road clearing equipment for such storms, as it wouldn’t be economical. The snow never lasts long enough to justify it. I always tell people who live in cold climates, that they can teach us how to handle snow, and we will teach them how to handle stretches of 100 degree days!

And Then This Happened…

Under Containment Gouache Drawing

I’ve have lately been systematically attacking our home…cleaning. I’m going though every single closet, drawer, cabinet and pantry, getting rid of things that we don’t need. It’s slow and painstaking, but with every trip to donate perfectly good items, it’s feeling lighter and lighter. I have this feeling that we should all be living like we could put our homes on the market to sell, at a moments notice…instead of half a years notice. Even with only having lived in this home for seven years, it’s all built back up again. I think experts say if you haven’t worn clothes in 2 years, you’re not going to, and to get rid of them. How about 7 years, or even more! I encourage you…lighten up. It feels good!

In between cleaning a closet or two, I have found my way into my studio to stir around a bit. I have this feeling that I am headed somewhere new with my art, and I’m still feeling my way around. I’m not suggesting that I will EVER settle into one medium…I can’t and don’t even want to, but I am going to keep opening ever mystery door, until I find the one that I want to push open and stay awhile in.

Knee to Knee Monoprint Collage

And Then This Happened…

A wonderful art friend, recently took a long residency in France. It was fun to follow her and her companions on their exploits via FB and Instagram. It became apparent, that her mission included shopping the markets for art materials and I put my order in for something special. When I attended her Open Studio, I was delighted to find a special bag with my name on it. Of course, it went straight into the freezer…1800’s books and all. While I couldn’t ever tear them up, I will be admiring them for managing to survive this long, just to join me in the studio, for inspiration ! Thanks, Lisa Stamper Meyer.

Shopping and Open Studio visit with sweet friend Lisa Stamper Meyer. Of COURSE, I neeeeeeded more paper and books : )



I think that pretty much catches you up with Hastypearl. Our family has had some serious challenges lately. Both good and bad. We’ve made it through or at least can see the light at the end of the tunnels.

Christmas is around the corner and we look forward to hosting MOST of our family. We are sorry to have had a change of plans for a few, but, are just thankful that they are up and back in the game again and know that we will have them join us again, in the future.

It’s going to get busy for all of us, but it will be fun to see what we can’t keep to ourselves, showing up on the various social media outlets that we prefer.

Until then…it is my hope that  you will have the most wonderful Hanukkah and Christmas with your loved ones. It really is a universal time where we all relearn, that it is more wonderful to Give, than to receive.

Thanks to everyone for reading Hastypearl. My last posting, thanks to you, was my most read. I’m still smiling about that.


I’ll leave you with a scripture that my art friend Mary Davisson Martin sent me. I think that it says it all…

Isaiah 9:6

For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given; and the government shall be on His shoulder; and His Name shall be called,



The Mighty God

The Everlasting Father

The Prince of Peace


The Very Best to you All…I’ll be back soon ! Laura aka hastypearl




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