On Acrylic Paintings, Flu and Failed Art Pieces by Hastypearl

On Acrylic Paintings, Beat That Flu and Failed Art Pieces

by Hastypearl

How does Your mind work?

I mean, You have to wonder a little bit about my random all over the map mind. Who puts Acrylic Paintings, Beat That Flu and Failed Art Pieces in one sentence, right?; )

Maybe Everyone does, and I think it’s great fun.

When I need to catch up with you, here on my Hastypearl blog, it doesn’t always tie up pretty with a bow, so I like to just chat about what’s going on in my life.

So, first on the list…

Acrylic Paintings

  One year ago, a friend of mine strongly suggested that I enter an art call.

Well, sure. Like I’d Ever done THAT before…Not!

But, I’m a Hastygirl and I couldn’t resist the idea.

Anyway, how else do we grow, right? Sometimes, we study things before attempting and Sometimes, we walk up to the end of the diving board, jump and THEN think of checking for water below.


It turned out that the judge picked one of my entries and after my blown mind was restored, it changed Everything for my goals.

Well, here we are again at the one year anniversary for that same art call, new judge, and I’m going to jump off of the board again! Maybe last year was a case of beginners luck…cool, and maybe all three of the pieces below will be passed over this year. I’m not going to lie, I would love to get Good News, but I am so spankin’ new at all of this, that I’m just really going to enjoy the process.

I’ve never taken a painting class in my life, so I have A LOT to learn.

Hastypearl Row Boat with Reflection

You know me.

I had to go back in and add some other media on the top of the piece above. I just don’t seem to have the gene to do something simple and put it behind a piece of glass and frame.

I have the WONDERFUL “curse” of being a Mixed Media Artist ; )

Hastpearl Original Acrylic Fine Art Painting

A friend of mine must have recently lost her mind, because in a frenzy of cleaning out her studio, she gave me a portfolio of handmade paper. I think these two guys will look really great placed on top of some layers of those papers.

Hastypearl Painting using Acrylics

I’ll probably add some of my papers with my handmade marks, under this guy. He’s pretty cool. I think he can handle it.

Second in the title above…FLU

Wow! This year really seems to be kicking everyones be-hinds concerning Colds and the Flu.

Let’s face it, they are NO RESPECTERS of persons and will knock the strongest down. I’ve heard sooo many are sick. It makes you sad, to see so many down.

Every doorknob, grocery cart and vent, is teaming with germs. Most of the times, Humans’ Immune Systems Win, but then, there are those Vigilant Germs and they do their ugly deed.

Staying in Optimum health is the best place to start and helping out our Immune System doesn’t hurt either. There is sooo much to read out there. All we have to do is just google it. I like a website called, Dr.Axe.com. He’s a real doc, that isn’t scared/threatened about approaching the whole body holistically. The website is deep with information. It can help and I dont think there’s any danger that it will hurt. Check his and many others websites out, if you want to.

A couple of days ago, I woke up feeling a little off. Thankfully, it hasn’t turned into one of those Freight Train Kapows, so I’ve just been gentle with myself and taken a few precautions.

Like this morning, I made up a couple of essential oil diffusers. One for downstairs and one for upstairs. Diffusers are very affordable. I have added to my collection of essential oils over the years. You don’t have to buy every one to start with. Frankly, I use diffusers just for fragrance Most of the time, but all the while secondarily, they are often doing good supportive things for me.

One diffuser has Frankinscense and Helichrysum, and the other is Eucalyptus and Oregano, all great for taking on the symptoms of upper respiratory issues. The diffusers both just quietly perk away needing no further attention. It was pointed out to me as a reminder, and I will pass it along to you…some Essential Oils are toxic to cats. Their livers can’t process like ours do, so MAKE SURE that you study up on this before you start. I toss Keaton cat out to Rule the World in the mornings, so she’s out of danger.

Next, I dabbed a little bit of Oregano mixed with Coconut oil on my skin.(look up exact dilutions of ALL applications)

I also made myself a nice cup of Cinnamon, Lemon and (a dab) of Honey, hot tea. I literally could breathe better while drinking.

Cold and Flu season help
Because its hydrating and helps with congestion

One way to boost Immunities, is to drink smoothies. I’m not talking about a sugary ice cream drink, I’m talking about a full on “Colors of the Rainbow”, kind of mixture.

Every smoothie is different, depending on what I have on hand.

Today I mixed, half a banana, a handful of greens, carrots, squash, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries (remind me I need to put them on my grocery list;) a dab of fresh ground almond butter, unsweetened coconut, cacoa powder, cacoa nibs, cinnamon, vanilla and pistachio flavorings, ice, and almond milk just below the 1 cup line. Use what You have and just Whirrrrrrr Away!

Just think how many vitamins are in this fast and easy snack. It makes me feel good to know that I really did a good job at eating the colors of the rainbow, in this one snack.

The bottom line is, there aren’t enough essential oils or smoothies to knock back a real deal flu or bronchitis and we then must RUN to a doc for support. I’m guessing every one of us has hoped our bodies could do it alone and have waited too long. Then we end up sicker than we ever needed to be. DON’T DO THAT (like I have before: )

Hastypearl in the Kitchen…Smoothie
Powerhouse Smoothie
Healthy Smoothie Recipe


Lastly in my title, Failed Art Attempt(s)

Who are we kidding? Sometimes, things that we see as Fantastic in our heads, don’t always work out on Paper…

Truth is, it’s part of a healthy process and a way to learn. I actually went on to finish out this plate of my Failed Art fish below with great details, but, when I printed it, it was just a hot mess on the paper.

Am I going to give up…No. It’s already been covered over with White Gesso, ready to start over. I still think that I have something to find in this and its fun to hammer at it until I get that idea out of my head and into reality.

I just wanted you to see that its not always unicorns and glitter for me or Anyone. It’s easy to look at someones art and think that it’s just easy and always successful raw talent.

One of the smartest things I ever heard about an artist was that he had drawn 3 hours a day since he was 8 and he is errrrrm, older than me now. That’s A LOT of drawing.

Iron sharpens Irons and that Encouraged me to take things to the next level and work harder.


“Failed” attempt


So, there. That’s my crazy Hastypearl blog post title, fleshed out for us.


It’s already two weeks into 2018 and I’ve already had some really Wonderful things happen. I hope that’s true for you, too !

Be Gentle on yourself. Take good Care of Yourself. You are worth it and deserve it.


As Always, I’m so thankful that you stopped by to visit for a minute.

Did you know that this website has a Shop AND a Blog. I really love being a part of both.

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I hope that you will Subscribe to Hastypearl and follow along with those who do. It’s wonderful to see people reading Hastypearl from All Over the World! I mean, that Still Amazes Me : )

Enjoy these January days and I’ll be back very soon…Best, Laura aka Hastypearl













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