September 1-2 2018 Book of Autumn Workshop with Leslie Marsh and Roxanne Evans Stout by Hastypearl


September 1-2, 2018, Book of Autumn Workshop

with Leslie Marsh and Roxanne Evans Stout

by Hastypearl


It’s Finally happening.

After two years apart (while we were remodeling) , a reprise with the Three Musketeers of art workshops.

It’s been my Honor to host these two talented ladies a number of times over the years and all I can say is…


These two ladies are as Generous as you could ever imagine with smiles, energy, talent and technique. I’ve been with them for days at a time and never seen them be anything but, Happy.

YOU will be too, when you take this workshop.

September 1-2, 2018

Redstone, Colorado.

One of THE most beautiful valleys in America. Really!

I will do my very best to spoil you rotten with beautiful lunches and snacks, and this is the FIRST workshop to be held in this home since we totally remodeled it.

Come help me give it it’s first test drive!

NO ONE pulls it all together like Roxanne Evans Stout
Leslie Marsh breyer printing
Crystal River Redstone, Colorado in our backyard!

Leslies website has all of the details for signing up. 

along with all of our contact info for questions.

I’m not joking when I say that we have seen these ladies workshops full, in 24 hours !

After you secure one of the 9 available spots, I’ll catch you up on details about how to travel and where to stay. I always try to tell people, that if you don’t schedule an extra day for sightseeing, you’ll wish that you did. It’s an amazing part of the world….

So, will you be one of the 9 ? I sure hope so. I’ll be looking forward to meeting you…

The very Best as Always…and see you again very soon…Laura aka hastypearl



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