Deckling Your Art Paper Edge by Hastypearl


Deckling Your Art Paper Edge

by Hastypearl

Are you like this? You work really hard on an art piece and you don’t want to stop. One of the ways that I still like to have a say in my art is in the framing. Some things look good being popped behind mats and a frame, but SOME pieces cry out to get a little more attention than that.

I felt that about the two pieces that I’m showing you in this posting.

It didn’t hurt AT ALL, that I was gifted some really wonderful cotton papers, so I couldn’t wait to try out my new Deckle Edge Ruler.

Every year, my son asks me what I want for Christmas, and I am always ready with a link for something new that I’ve wanted to try.

This year, it was the Dual Edge Ripper.

Look how many edges I deckled!

You don’t have to, in fact, I’ve gotten to where I don’t do it anymore, but if you would like, you can first draw a line on your paper.

First draw a line

The company has three rulers for a total of 6 different edges. I selected two rulers, so now I have 4 edges to choose from.

Two of the three selections and the company info for ordering
See the different edges?

You literally just line your ruler edge up on dry paper and pull down on the edge of the paper that you want to remove. Its so incredibly easy!

                                                                                        There you are ! Did you know about these rulers?

If you are like I am and sometimes don’t want to just hide your arts edges under a frame, this is a way that you can actually have more of a say with  your art.

Some of my favorite pieces, hanging in my home have deckled edges showing.

Yes, there are some ways that you can tear your edges without, but once you do it with these rulers, you’ll never go back!

Deckled Edges on a Hastypearl Watercolor piece

I’m getting ready to submit these two pieces to an art call ! Wish me luck : )


I hope that you enjoyed this and that it gets your juices going. Mixed Media Artists, this is perfect for you!

I’m so happy that you stopped by Hastypearl. I love talking about Life and Art. I read a ton of blogs and find new product info all of the time. Do You have a favorite product that you would like to tell us about? I hope so…Iron Sharpens Iron !

The Very Best to You and I’ll be back very soon : ) Laura aka Hastypearl


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2 thoughts on “Deckling Your Art Paper Edge by Hastypearl

  1. Those decked edges look great! I almost always ‘float’ my pieces in the mat, letting the edges show. I’ve got to try these rulers, now!

    1. Thanks Sharmon. Historically, Ive tried to keep tools and supplies to a minimum, and it often causes me more work. I’m trying to loosen up and let the already invented wheels roll more! Can’t wait to see what you do…Best, Laura

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