San Antonios Art, Historical Homes and its Gutsy Women Artists by Hastypearl

San Antonios Art, Historical Homes and its Gutsy Women Artists

by Hastypearl

This month marks Hastpearl’s one year anniversary membership in the San Antonio Art League & Museum. The list of things that I could Never have imagined happening to me, lengthens. I mean, what’s a girl that rides/shows horses and gardens, doing being a member at a famous Gallery and Museum? Well, as I’m sure as has happened in your life, things change, and things that you are Supposed to do have a way of finding You! Last year, around this time, I jumped into a mystery pool and landed in the wonder of the San Antonio, Texas Art community.

One of the new additions to the Art League is a Gallery, set up just for its’ Members, and during the months of January and February, I’ve  had the wonderful opportunity of showing my art, with 8 amazing artists. Along with our Members Gallery opening, SAALM, has an exhibit in its beautiful historical building, of a remarkable turn of the last century Texas woman artist, named Mary Bonner. I couldn’t wait to see her engravings.

With the Hemisfair Tower of the Americas in downtown San Antonio within walking distance from the Gallery, it is only ONE of the amazing Victorian manses tucked into the famous area called, King William District.

San Antonio Art League Gallery & Museum

I don’t know its entire history, yet, but this beautiful building was originally a carriage house for one of the beautiful Victorian homes. Horses never Had it so good! While I’m sure that it has served many purposes over the years, for now, it is the home of a great collection of art.

Just a little stroll, will give you the feel of what this favorite time period, was like.

Texan Mary Bonner, was actually a member of the San Antonio Art League & Museum in the 1920’s-1930’s. I love that when she studied in Paris, she took the art world by storm with her rough Texas themed engravings. I doubt that many women were drawing “bucking broncs” in those days, but coming from Texas, she knew her topic! Even better, she was Highly regarded for those engravings. I think that tells us to go with our Guts, even when what interests us might not make sense to others. We have to be true to ourselves and our process.

Mary Bonner Artist

In keeping with the time period, below is one of the Hastypearl pieces that I have For Sale, in the Members Gallery, through Feb. 25, 2018.  What a honor to to be following in the footsteps of Texas Women Artists, gone before us!

Her Life Measured Encaustic Assemblage by Hastypearl

Thanks for going back in time a little with me, today. If I could snap my fingers, I would probably live during those days, but I might find the lack of conveniences, a challenge!

I’m so happy that you found Hastypearl and hope that  you will join (on the right) those that have subscribed to receive my posts. We talk about Life and Art and everything in between. There are so many wonderful things going on in life. I hope that you will share your life with me!

The Very Best to You… Laura aka hastypearl

p.s. I’ve recently added some new listings to my shop. You can find them, here.

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