Find What Feeds You and My Gelli Day with a Friend by Hastypearl

Find What Feeds You


My Gelli Day with a Friend

by Hastypearl

Hi, guys! Happy Morning to You from Texas !

I’m currently watching a Netflix story called, On Yoga: The Architecture of Peace, by Michael O’Neill. It’s been pretty interesting to watch people and their commitment to Yoga. It’s not something that I practice, but not dissimilar in some ways to aspects of my life. As a Christian, I find that my life of prayer, is like their meditation. I don’t move my body into shapes and poses, but I do sometimes find myself dancing in moments of pure Joy and meditative Praise.

There are so many ways that we can Find what Feeds us, day to day. I find moments of purity and clarity, in the garden. It never fails when I am down and dirty, often being dwarfed by the over head hovering of the trees and plants, that I Find nourishment. Being in the silence of the mountains is Always going to Feed me. Knowing that for My Joy, the Creator availed those moments to me, is wonderful.

I also Find that my Art practice Feeds me. There are also those meditative moments when it’s all coming together, and I realize that what I’ve created, won’t EVER be repeated by anyone else. Not EVEN if someone copies it, will they experience the birth of what happened out of my hands. For me, it is a Spiritual Service of Worship, like mentioned in Romans 12:1.

I think what I’m suggesting, is for us to just think of how many possible ways there are for us to Find What Feeds Us. Life affords us unlimited opportunities to be Sustained. Hopefully, we are exploring them and not Starving ourselves from their enrichments.

Below is a Hastypearl Mixed Media Angel titled, Find, that is available in my shop. She is in front of my sunny kitchen sink right now, reminding me to take time to Find what I need. She awaits her new home.

Find Hastypearl Mixed Media Angel

Interestingly, I have discovered two friends recently say, that they both wanted to focus more on just PLAYING together, with other artists. It has also been on my heart for several years, now. Don’t You love it when that happens. Out of the whole Universe, three women can find each other and have the same hearts for their time. One of the women, invited me to her home yesterday, to do just that. Play.

Now, if You’ve ever gone somewhere to make art, then You already know what happens…You pack an UNBELIEVABLE amount of supply/product. Even if You are only going to be there for a short time, there is this feeling, that You might need ________, or ______, or certainly _________, so You pack for a month!

That’s what I did!

Packed up supplies

There is a scripture, Proverbs 27:17, that says, As Iron Sharpens Iron, so one person sharpens another. I love that phrase. Yesterdays goal, as presented by my friend, was to play with Gelli Plates. Now, I confess, that I bought a large Gelli Plate with a half price off coupon a long time ago, and put it away in one of my cabinets. I actually had trouble finding it before I left, yesterday. I’m glad that I did, because it was so much fun. I truthfully hadn’t been that motivated to use it, but now I see its merits.

Gelli Plate

My friend Lisa Stamper Meyer, explained, that she played with hers for about a month, before she started getting a rhythm, so when she said that, I decided whatever I learned, would be valuable and that I was there to explore, not to conquer.

Gelli plate
Plate after use

The plate is made from a Jello like property, that has a little stickiness to it. We rolled acrylic paint out on it with a brayer, and used stencils, masks, mark making, Lisa’s handmade stamps and basically anything that we thought of to transfer a print. Lisa loves blues and greens and You already know that I’m going to used the colors that I did. I know the value of adding contrast, so I will probably add some other colors, soon. Our styles are also very different, but don’t you just love how each Artists Individual Fingerprint, is always going to surface.

Some Results

After a couple of hours, which FLEW by, we had both generated a goodly stack of resulting papers.

Now, if all I had done was go there to make papers and leave, I would have been satisfied, but fitting in with both of our goals, to spend more special time with friends, the Life and Heart that we shared over those two hours was more precious, than any stack of paper. Yes, it cost us both some time, but I can’t think of ANYTHING that I would have done at home or anywhere, that would have come any closer to maker me a Richer person, than I am for it.

Thank you, Lisa! You were a great Iron Sharpener : )


Paper organization storage in my studio

Kind of like Christmas, I found myself when it got quiet last night, going through my newly created stack of papers. It was nice to see them with slow and studying eyes, contemplating what I would do with them.

Maybe these papers will turn up in a new Mixed Media Angel, like Find. I think it would be fun to make an Angel that Celebrates Friendship and Community. I would be inclined to put a Heart Beat in her, just like the one in Find !


Well, as always, I’m so happy that You found Hastypearl and took a minute to read this posting. I soooo love that You do!

I hope that you will join those that have Subscribed to receive a notice when I next post. You can do that on the right —>

I’ll be back very soon, and we can think about Life and Art, Together!

Until then, I have a huge stash of Supplies to put away : )

…the very Best to You…Laura aka Hastypearl



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