Welcome, Friend!

I’m Laura aka Hastypearl.

You have arrived to a place for Conversations About Life and Art, Together !

There is so much out there in the Great Wide World to Explore and it’s Wonderful to have You by my side.

After the difficult decision to end my lifelong connection with the American Quarter Horse, Interesting, Mighty and Curious New Doors started opening for me. Doors, I would have never had the wit to dream up for myself, but I know that God has no scarcity of imagination for any of us. I like to rest in the visual, that He’s never wringing His hands about our lives. If anything, He’s probably wondering why we keep fighting and struggling with the temporal things, that He’s already got well under control.

I’m a daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother, friend, dreamer, engineer, dirt digger, planter, rock gatherer, fascinator, historian, collector, writer, picture taker, designer, stargazer, mountain smeller,  river listener, picture drawer, clay roller, painter, wax melter, paper gluer, artist and most of all, Storyteller. I can’t help but combine all of those capacities, into my art. Maybe it will show up in the leaves or scraps of decaying paper that I find and it will certainly show up with a vintage item that I buy from a family, that no longer Listens to the Story that it is Telling. I Know that you know what I’m talking about.

If no one else will, We will be their Storytellers !

I’m so fortunate that You found Hastypearl. I hope that you will accompany me, as I live my Days, as best as I can. I’m to the point now, that I understand their worth and I don’t take them for granted anymore. I want to look down and up and side to side, as much as I can, afraid that I might miss a single Wonder. I want to hear from my Father, what He wants me to hear and share what He wants me to share.

I hope to hear from You, about how you devote Your days. Join with the many that Subscribe to my Blog. There, is where We can share and grow, Together. This new path that I am on has brought me Unbelievable New Friends like You and Relationships that Encourage and Build me and Show me that in the end, we have way more Similarities, than differences. Each of us has a beautiful story to tell…

What an honor it is to do that Together, with You…

Always the very Best to you, Laura




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