Art Angel Wall Art Find by Hastypearl


Can’t stand it when you are looking for something that is missing? It becomes Your sincere focus, until its found.

I thought about that a lot while making this Mixed Media Angel Art Piece called, Find. 

As always, it was a Joy to construct. I started with an empty and deep shadow box frame. I created the Angel out of polymer clay and added a monochromatic texture to her.

I added some of my favorite Vintage Parts from my collection, to start a story.

There are Letterpress Letters, and an actual Antique Car Key…they were so tiny in the automobiles inception. There are beautiful Beads and Fibers and her heart of gold. My favorite Parts are the Antique shoe buttons that suggest her feet…

The Story is started…now it’s up to You or whomever you gift Find  to, to finish it…When you do, I would love to hear it someday. Ive heard the most Wonderful Stories from my customers over the years : )



Art Angel Wall Art Find

by Hastypearl

Have you ever looked for something? Of course you have! We’ve all been there.

The first thing that we say when we realize something important is missing, is…

We can’t leave until we what?

….Find…my keys, phone, wallet, tablet…etc.

Never until we have Lost something, is Finding SO IMPORTANT.

It’s not just physical things that we look for…

We want to Find…Love, Peace, Joy, a Friend, Serenity, Contentment…

Some Find those things right away, and others circle around and around looking for it.

I “found” this…

Psalm 62:5 Yes, my soul, find rest in God;

my hope comes from Him.


Vintage Parts Clock Gears, Automobile Key, Brass Heart, Gold Beads Hastypearl
Polymer Angel Shrine Hastypearl
Hastypearl Art Angel standing on a stack of books
Vintage Letterpress Letters Find Hastypearl
Engraving, Vintage Parts, Angel Countenance Hastypearl
Fine Art Angel Shrine

I placed a Heart inside of the chest of this Messenger.

She has a very Peaceful Countenance.

I think you will Find encouragement from having her in Yours or a loved ones life : )


I’m so happy that you found Hastypearl and I can’t wait for you to start your Collection.

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Art Angel Wall Art 11 1/2 ” x 7 “

The Very Best to You,

Laura aka Hastypearl


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