Art Angel Assemblage Box by Hastypearl


This sweet face feels so reassuring! The box has a metal lid box top, and a sturdy card bottom. I used lots of vintage wood and brass clock parts,  a vintage glass earring and the inside has a cushy tapestry liner, decorated with vintage sewing notions and a  lavender pouch that will calm you when you open it. It’s heavenly! I can’t wait for you to touch it.





Art Angel Assemblage Box

by Hastypearl

Art Angel Assemblage Box Hastypearl

This was one of the First Art Angel Assemblage Box (es), that I ever made.

I’m already in Love with all things Vintage and learning how to design and engineer an Art Piece on something besides a flat canvas, became one of my loves. This style is called, Assemblage.

This sweet Angel face peeks out behind an old brass phone dial. Not old enough to know what that is?…well, that makes me sad 😉 Phone calls didn’t used to be instantaneous ! In fact, my mother put my father through Baylor University by connecting people’s phone calls,  with a switch board, which came long before this brass number dial.

This box has endless uses. I’ve pictured it here with some of my Jewelry. It would be a perfect gift for someone to store their most special collection. It’s got great Home Decor appeal and don’t forget…it is first and foremost, an Art Piece. I have had it resting on a beautiful brass stand, since I made it.

She’s got the kindest little eyes and she is surrounded by a brass lamp ring, a lovely glass earring part, and multiple vintage clock appliqués…not to mention brass clock hands…for Her hands 🙂 I placed some of my lovely hand painted rice paper in colors of reds, peaches, blues, greens and shimmery gold.

The box top is metal, and the bottom is a smooth and sturdy card. I always line the insides of my boxes with beautiful upholstery weight tapestry. And I love adding surprises inside, like old sewing notions and finds.

The best and final touch, is a lavender pouch on the underside of the lid. I occasionally add a couple of drops of lavender and its calming aroma hits me with a soft surprise!

She’s a little heavy weighing in at 1.9 lbs. She measures 9″ x 6 1/2″ x 2 3/4″ . The 10 dollar shipping charge,  is INCLUDED in the price (for those in the lower 48) . Buyers outside of the US please inquire about your shipping charge BEFORE buying. Thanks.

If you make multiple purchases from Hastypearl, I will happily refund any overages, automatically. It’s a great way to save money.

YOU or whomever you gift her to…are going to LOVE her 🙂 I can’t Wait for you to see her !

Feel free to ask any questions…

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Best, Laura aka hastypearl

Interior of Art Piece Angel Box Assemblage…use it for jewelry, special mementos, photos…You Decide 🙂


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