! SOLD ! Clear Vintage Buttons Pin Brooch by Hastypearl


This Original Handmade Clear Vintage Buttons Pin Brooch by Hastypearl was a doozy to collect for. I knew long ago, that I would wait until I found the perfect, unique clear vintage buttons. I finally hit the jackpot with one womans’ vintage estate collection. It was a needle in a haystack find!

This pin is composed of early acrylic buttons, used for everything BUT jewelry. To celebrate their history, I arranged them just for YOU. I always place them on a substrate of polymer clay which is very strong. The buttons on the lower half, dangle and spin. I love my art to be dimensional and movement is even better.

I always “test wear” my jewelry, and because you will never see another one like this pin, I always get what I call, double takes! You or whomever you gift this to, will too!

I can’t wait for you to see this unique and versatile jewelry.

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Clear Vintage Buttons Pin Brooch by Hastypearl

I’m guessing that you like versatility and uniqueness? I know I do.

This Clear Vintage Buttons Pin Brooch will become your GO TO Jewelry.

I can tell you that when I test wear each of my pieces, they get lots of double takes. I’ve had them bought right off of my sweaters!

They look great on a Blouse, Sweater, Coat, Wrap or Scarf.

The parts on the bottom spin and dangle when you move. It’s really fun Jewelry to wear and you’ll NEVER see its twin!


Clear Vintage Buttons Pin Brooch by Hastypearl

Some Clear Buttons were made with a poly-acrylic resin with the trade name, Lucite. Made by DuPont Plastics. It was stronger than the previously used, plastic. This began in the 1930’s and continued on through the 1930s. The shapes, sizes and colors are endless. It was also used in Jewelry making, so I love my nod to history with this contemporary Hastypearl original ! Info from Jamie Brock.

Clear Vintage Buttons are so Versatile.
Close up of the upper part of the Clear Vintage Buttons Pin Brooch.
Close up of the lower part of the Clear Button Pin Brooch.
Vintage Handmade Jewelry by Hastypearl
Polymer Clay Pin Brooch Back

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