! SOLD ! Dumbo Finial Bird by Hastypearl


Dumbo. Cruelly named because of his terribly large ears and clumsiness. Ever felt like that? ; )

Forced into perfuming in circus acts, he discovers that those enormous ears are Special and Allow him to Fly! Yep, all of those things that we don’t like about ourselves are what make us unique and special. Instead of seeing them as a detriment, why don’t we instead…choose to Fly! What a perfect ending and one that we shall apply to our own lives.

Dumbo was dreamed up one in my studio, because my finial birds, “asked” if they could dress as their favorite characters and attend a masquerade ball. Of course, I complied.

Made of Vintage Clock Finials, polymer clay, glass beads and Vintage Automobile Keys that often date back to the earliest Models of cars.

This Mixed Media Dumbo Finial Bird is one of a kind and I know that You or whomever you share him with, will Love Him! I can’t wait for you to see him : )

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Dumbo Finial Bird by Hastypearl

Who was Your favorite childhood character?

With so many to choose from, its easy to imagine that Dumbo would fall on the top of Your list.

Please know that Pure Joy is happening in my studio when I make these little creatures! As cute as they are, they take considerable engineering to accomplish, but that is what drives me to return to the studio day after day: )

As Both a Fine Artist and a Mixed Media Engineer, creating these little Sculptures, brings me such satisfaction with a goal of making You, my friend, Smile!

Hastypearl is about Exploring Vintage Parts and Heirloom Art, Together…with you!

I love bringing the old and the new together, to pass down to future generations.

Dumbo Finial Bird Hastypearl
Hastypearls Finial Birds “asked” to dress up for a masquerade ball. I complied : )
The bodies of Hastypearls Finial Birds are Vintage Clock Finials…hence…Finial Birds !
Wings are Vintage Automobile Keys. Actually very Early keys. So tiny, right?
Such great ears you have Dumbo !
You are Most Adorable dear Dumbo !
Hastypearl Dumbo Finial Bird

I’m so glad that you found Hastypearl and I can’t wait for you to add a Hastypearl Mixed Media piece, to your collection.

This Mixed Media Dumbo Final Bird will come safely packaged and arrive to your mailbox. Keep him for yourself, or Share him with someone that you love. Shipping charges are included in the price, for all customers living in the Lower 48 US. Tax will be added for Texas customers. Everyone else, please email me about adjusted shipping rates before you buy.

Keep your eyes out for additional Finial Bird Listings.

All Hastypearl customers who make multiple purchases at one time, will tell you that I automatically refund any shipping overages immediately.

Please take a look at my Policies listed at the top of the page and tap Contact if you have any questions.

6 ” x 5 1/2 ”

The very best to you,

Laura aka hastypearl

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