! SOLD ! Greeting Cards 4 Pack Watercolor on Rice Paper by Hastypearl

Do you still keep and treasure special cards that have been sent to you over the years? Me, too !

These Hastypearl Watercolor Cards are beautiful and You’ll know that No One Else In The World, will ever receive this card that You send. That’s just one of the beauties of one of a kind, art !

4 cards, 4 envelopes, 6 1/2 ‘ x 5 ” Watercolors, Rice Paper



! SOLD !

Greeting Cards 4 Pack Watercolor on Rice Paper

by Hastypearl

Don’t you still love to go to your mailbox, open it, and find a handwritten note sent to you, just because? Are we losing that lovely tradition in lieu of the ease of a quick email?

Well, NOT if Hastypearl has anything to do with it ; )

Each set of Hastypearl Greeting Cards, are Original, One Of A Kinds.

These are NOT copies.

The colors are intense…amazing…shimmery with most having an actual metallic sheen to them. (difficult to photograph)

There is a beautiful “tooth” to the rice paper, lending itself to a great feel.

I layer and layer my colors with all kinds of Watercolor medium. It is a Joy to watch the colors build and the final pieces emerge.

Your recipient will leave this card out on display…I promise !

If you aren’t buying them for yourself, but rather as a Gift, all the Better. You might even find one in your mailbox, in return !

Win. Win.

Greeting Cards Original Abstract Watercolors on Rice Paper by Hastypearl
Greeting Card 4 Pack Original Abstract Watercolors by Hastypearl
Abstract Watercolor on Rice Paper One of Four cards in the pack
Rice Paper Original Watercolor Cards by Hastypearl. This card looks like Meteors racing past the Sun !
All 4 Cards in Pack of Hastypearls Original Greeting Cards

All of Hastypearl Art Pieces will arrive safely packaged, to your mailbox. If you are sending them as a Gift, please make sure to let me know so that I can get them to the right address. I will also happily include a note from you, with your instruction. You can contact me, here.

To Buy: Click the PayPal option, even if you don’t have an account. It will give you an option to buy with a Credit Card of your choice! It’s easy, I promise:)

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Please take a look at my Policies, at the top bar of the page. Ask Questions before your purchase.

Make sure that you watch for Other Hastypearl Card Packs and feel free to look around my site. I would LOVE it if you shared Hastypearl with your friends and family. Thanks in advance for that…

The Very Best to You as Always…Laura aka Hastypearl


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