Handmade Mini Houses Set of 3 by Hastypearl


Have you done any DNA research, yet? I have and several of my family are interested. I found several surprises. Big ones, actually. You know, families have “Stories” that they pass along to the next generation, but just like the failed whisper game, things can get lost in translation. Regardless of where we come from, Home, is a central theme for all of us.

I’ve had a wonderful time with these Handmade Mini Houses. It’s kind of unbelievable how many hours goes into each one. But they are the kind of joyous hours, that give you time to ponder over things, that are the stuff of our lives.

Each Handmade Mini House is Unique. One of a Kind. I try very hard to create Art that I don’t see floating around out there. I do it for You and for me, too. Doing the same thing is never going to hold my attention for long !

The largest Mini House is 3 ” tall and the smallest is 2 1/2 ” tall. You can get an idea of their size by seeing the image of me holding them.

They look wonderful year around, and then Please, during the holidays, they are incredible in little table top vignettes. I’ve even wrapped bits of ribbon around and hung them on a tree branch. There is NO end to what you can do with them.

It’s true. Sometimes, I “promise” that I hear little giggles and singing coming from inside of them, at night : ) They seem to be happy households for tiny unseen fairies ; ) You’ll see, when You set them up in your home !

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Shipping is included in the price of this Set of 3 Handmade Mini Houses, for customers living in the lower 48 US. All others, please check with me BEFORE you purchase, and I will find out your exact shipping charges.

I will send these Houses safely to your mailbox. If it’s a Gift for Someone Else, make sure that you send me their correct shipping info, so that we can get them to them, as fast as possible ! I will also happily add a beautiful Gift Note inside, for you. I LOVE being in on surprises : )

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I can’t WAIT for you to see these special Handmade Mini Houses !

Best, Laura aka Hastypearl



Handmade Mini Houses

Set of 3

by Hastypearl

Do You have a House “Thing”,  like I have a House “Thing” ?

Houses have been a fascination for me since I was a little girl.

I wonder if that means that we missed our professional calling? Like, maybe we were supposed to be architects or designers?

Well, maybe They would much more enjoy creating Handmade Mini Houses like these with materials that are NOT available to architects and designers, like buttons, latches, hinges and glass beads. 🙂

And, I know that Our Mini Houses were intended for little fairies to dance around and sing in, at night.

I promise that You will “hear them”, when You set these little Houses up in Your own home ; )

Or, maybe You would like to send a set to someone very special.

House Warming, Birthday, Christmas…I can tell You from experience, that they satisfy both Women AND Men!

I begin each House with a block of wood, approximately the same size as the Found Vintage Hardware. Then the (pretty) complicated business of making it all look easy begins and it goes on for hours with each House. My first one was a doozy, but each time has gotten easier and easier.

~This is the FIRST time that I have offered these Handmade Mini Houses in a Set of 3. This way, you can instantly set up a little Village, in one purchase without paying for shipping for each house !  ~

I’m So Happy that you found Hastypearl.

It’s a Shop and a Blog and it’s for people who want to Explore Vintage Parts and Heirloom Art, Together !

Take a look at my Description section and don’t forget to take a look at my Policies page for important details.

Be sure to ask any questions that you have. I love chatting with my customers.

Want to commission me to make more of these for you, give me a little contact !

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The Very Best to You…Laura aka Hastypearl 

Handmade Mini Houses by Hastypearl
Four Sided Mini Houses with Vintage Hardware Roofs
Each Mini House in this Set of 3, is Unique, One of a Kind !
I’m holding one of the 3 Handmade Mini Houses, so that you can see its size.
I held the roof down with Vintage Buttons…what else? ; )
It takes Doors and Windows and Flowers to make a Home.
Handmade Mini Houses by Hastypearl

I’ll be back, soon! Laura aka hastypearl


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