Handmade Paper Angel Art Triptych by Hastypearl


This Handmade Paper Angel Triptych literally started from a Vintage Angel Ephemera, in my collection. I looked for others for years and finally got the idea that I could make my own. The individuality of each Angel makes them very special. I love the monochromatic white, with so much shadow and contrast. Then, I got to work and designed and made my own Wood Triptych Panels. They are hinged together with beautiful small brass hinges.

I built up layers with clay and favorite pieces from my Vintage Parts Collection. Nothing is excluded in my collecting. If it has a story to tell, I want to collect it and hear from it.

The ribbons are adorned with Garnet Beads…that COLOR…so rich and deep.

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Handmade Paper Angel Art Triptych

by Hastypearl

Are you looking for some Peace? I think Everyone is.

The world can be a clattery, clanking place that seems overwhelming, sometimes.

That’s one of the reasons that I created these Angel Triptychs. They just seem to Calm things down.

Most cultures know immediately what Angels represent. The dictionary says that they are “spiritual beings, believed to act as an attendant, agent, or messenger of God, conventionally represented in human form with wings and a long robe”. Or, you may connect with another definition “a person of exemplary conduct of nature”.

I think Everyone can say that they have had both of those in their lives, before !

I stopped counting after 50 steps on this Angel Art Triptych. Lets just say that You will look at it Many Times before You stop seeing new things. With the exception of the Handmade Paper Angel and the clay, EVERYTHING else is a storytelling Vintage Part !

Hastypearls’ motto is Exploring Vintage Parts and Heirloom Art, Together. I hope that You will Explore this piece, personally, and keep your eyes out for additional Angel Triptychs listed here at Hastypearl !

Angel Triptych by Hastypearl
Upper Left of Mixed Media Triptych
Upper Right Angel Triptych
Lower Close Up Angel Triptych
Detail Image of White Angel Triptych by Hastypearl
Close Up Handmade Paper Angel by Hastypearl
Wall Art, Home Decor, Shelf Art by Hastypearl

Measuring 10 ” x 12 “, this Handmade Paper Angel Art Triptych can be hung by the attached wire or leaned on Your shelf. The two outside wood panels are attached with small hinges so that the piece can be folded in (somewhat) on itself. I hung it on a furniture knob and the stained glass behind it accents it beautifully. Art doesn’t have to be Flat and Framed ! You’ll enjoy placing this Mixed Media Art all over Your space. I know that it will be a great Add to You Art Collection !

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