Handmade Tiny Houses Set of 3 by Hastypearl


What is it about a Tiny House? I mean, they have captured our hearts. Is it that we can put them on wheels and move them to wherever we want? Or, how about the aspect of trimming down our belongings, to what we just Absolutely need. Whatever it is for each person, the concept is wonderfully attractive.

These little Tiny Houses each begin as a simple block of wood. After the (kind of complicated) engineering is done, all Imagination gets turned loose on each one. The colors change. The Vintage Hardware Roof changes. Each one is an individual home. I honestly can’t imagine how many hours it takes to make just one, but they are sweet hours for sure.

Hastypearls’ Tiny Houses have been published in Somerset Studio Gallery Summer 2016 magazine, so they are Famous! That was such an honor to see them heading out boldly, for the world to see.

They are sold in this Set of 3, for the first time, rather than individually. Yes, You can keep them for yourself, or break up the set and share them with special people in your life. I promise You will see them smile when they receive them. I’ve seen it happen for both Men and Women.  They look so sweet displayed on a shelf or piece of furniture. They make a perfect baby gift, or house warming gift. During the holidays, I sprinkle a little snow on my tabletop and they make instant vignettes and you can’t believe how adorable the little village is ! I’ve even tied a little ribbon around them and hung them on our tree ! You will think of so many ways to display them.

The largest Tiny House is 2 3/4 ” and the smallest is 2 1/2 “. Take a look at the image of me holding one, so that you can see its size, better.

To buy this Set of 3 Handmade Tiny Houses, simply click the PayPal button, even if you don’t have an account. Follow the steps and it will lead you to the Credit Card of Your choice. It’s really easy to do.

Shipping is included in the price, for customers living in the Lower 48 US. All others, please check with me Before you purchase, and I will find Your exact shipping charges.

I will send the Houses safely to your mailbox. If it is a Gift for Someone Else, Make sure that you send me their correct shipping info, so that we can get them to them, as fast as possible! I will also happily add a beautiful Gift Note inside, for you. I Love being in on surprises ; )

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I can’t Wait for you to see these special Handmade Tiny Houses !

Best, Laura aka Hastypearl



Handmade Tiny Houses

Set of 3

by Hastypearl

Tiny Houses are ALL THE RAGE, right now. It’s certainly Not a new concept. Fathers have been building their children Tree Houses and Forts and Doll Houses, for generations. There is just something so pure, about feeling snuggly surrounded by four close walls. Maybe, that is why so many are finding such Joy, in owning their own Tiny Houses.

Not everyone can Buy a real Tiny House…until NOW : )

These terribly sweet Houses can be Yours…or You can share them with someone that You care about !

Tiny Houses by Hastypearl
All Four sides of these Hastypearl Tiny Houses are different.
Each Tiny House took hours to construct starting with a small piece of wood.
Sometimes at night, tiny voices singing and laughing can be heard inside of these Hastypearl Tiny Houses ; )
This Tiny Cottage sports a Wine Gothic Door.
These are very fancy Victorian…my favorite era…bits of hardware. Only the BEST for these Hastypearl Tiny Houses.
Hand held so that you can see the size of the Handmade Tiny House.
Handmade Tiny Houses by Hastypearl

~Offering Sets of 3 Any Houses, is a New Thing for Hastypearl. Before, I only offered them one at a time, but the shipping charges added up for building a whole set. Now, you can get off to a great start, in one purchase!~

I’m so Happy, that you found Hastypearl !

It’s a Shop And a Blog and it’s for people who want to Explore Vintage Parts and Heirloom Art, Together !

Take a look at my Description section for these Houses and don’t forget to take a look at my Policies page, for important details.

Be sure to ask any questions that you have. I love chatting with my customer.

Want to commission me to make more of these for you? Give me a shout : )

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The Very Best to You…Laura aka Hastypearl


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