Mixed Media Watercolor titled Evergreen Souls by Hastypearl


In an earlier time, families buried their loved ones in the yards of their churches and synagogues. I saw this French location while watching a movie recently and its beauty and ancient ambiance caught my breath. I knew that I wanted to bring a Hastypearl take on the scene.

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 Mixed Media Watercolor

titled Evergreen Souls

by Hastypearl

Have you been to France?

I’ve been close, but mostly I go there on Netflix ; )

I don’t know what I would do without all of the great movies I watch, that are made in Europe.

One night, I saw this church with its unusual cupola/steeple and it’s ancient cemetery, and I knew that I had to do my own interpretation of that scene.

There’s a popular pop song with a line in it that says something about how souls never grow old because they are evergreen, so I thought I would name this piece Evergreen Souls. I suspect there are some lovers buried beside one another in this old cemetery. If you believe in eternity like I do, then the concept of Evergreen Souls sounded perfect.

Hastypearl Mixed Media Watercolor available Framed or Original Unframed piece

I’ve started finding beautiful frames at the estate sales that I attend and actually making art pieces to go directly in them. My husbands parents had art galleries and frame shops in San Antonio for many years, and I’ve learned the difference in great and not so great frames. You are welcome to purchase the art unframed, but I promise you won’t be able to frame for the prices of my frames. Something for you to think about.

I love history and enjoyed setting this scene in a Victorian time.

Hastypearl Century French Church and Cemetery Watercolor
Left Corner showing collage and mark making


Left corner close up of Hastypearl Mixed Media Watercolor titled Evergreen Souls

Close up Hastypearl Watercolor Evergreen Souls

I love collaging with bits of Hastypearls’ handmade papers. I like the added texture it brings to the composition.

This Mixed Media Watercolor Art is a signed original and is 11″ x 14″

Framed it measures 15 3/4″ x 18 3/4 “

If you would like to purchase the frame, its’ price including glass and shipping is $65., plus the art. Please let me know if you want it framed BEFORE you purchase and I will change the current total to your new/correct total. I promise you will be amazed by how beautiful this frame is. I am making NO money on the frame. : )

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