Pinnochio Mixed Media Finial Bird by Hastypearl


These Crazy Fun Mixed Media Finial Birds were “demanding” a Masquerade Party, so I complied ! For Pinnochio, I used a vintage clock finial for his body, polymer clay for his head and had, acrylics, fibers, a very early automobile ignition key (yep, they were really that small!), rusty wire for his funny feet, glass bead for his eyes and a TINY red feather, just like he wore when Walt thought him up. This little guy literally took hours to engineer and construct, but I promise, I was smiling and reminiscing, most of the time !  Laura




Pinnochio Mixed Media Final Bird

by Hastypearl

Vintage Parts turned into Heirloom Art by Hastypearl

This little Pinnochio Mixed Media Finial Bird, is going to make you SMILE and remember the feeling of the first time you heard his wonderfully, sweet story !

In 1940, Walt Disney came up with a Priceless storyline. He wondered what it would be like to create a puppet and name him Pinnochio. This puppet would be raised by a man Geppetto, who when he saw a falling star, wished that the puppet would become a little boy. And so the story began!

Pinnochio would be influenced by a number of characters…the good (Jiminy Cricket) and the bad (Honest John, in Pleasure Island). Storyline sound familiar to you ? 😉

Pinnochio, is a beloved character for the young and old. I can’t wait for you to hold him.

In my studio, several years ago, I began making what I call, Mixed Media Final Birds. Using polymer clay and Vintage Parts, I began exploring a new avenue last year, by “letting my birds” dress up as Storybook Characters. That’s when I KNEW, that I had to include Pinnochio into the series.

This Mixed Media Finial Bird, will come safely packaged and arrive to your mailbox. Keep him for yourself, or Share him with someone that you love. Shipping charges are included in the price, for all living in the Lower 48, plus a little tax for Texas customers. Everyone else, please email me about adjusted shipping rates before you buy.

Keep your eyes out for additional Finial Bird listings and should you make multiple purchases, I will Always combine your shipping for a better price. I will automatically refund any shipping overage.

6 ” x 4 ” (9 oz shipping weight )

Feel free to ask any questions…

Best, Laura aka Hastypearl


Hastypearl Finial Bird, accurately dressed up as Pinnochio, right down to the red feather !


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