! SOLD ! Watercolor Collage Cottage Glow by Hastypearl

When I was a little girl, we used to drive up state Texas, to visit my grandparents. My sister was 8 years older than I, so I mostly remember being alone and having the backseat to myself. I loved laying down on the (pre seat belt seats) and waiting on the stars to appear in the rear window. More than that, I loved seeing the homes off the road, with their lamps lit. Then, I would close my eyes and imagine a story. I wouldn’t ever know the real one, but it didn’t matter…my story was enough.

This Watercolor Collage Cottage would fit into my dreaming scenario above, with its stoney fence and mossy green roof. There are layers and layers of color and imagination.

It’s not unusual for me to be listening to music when I create in my studio. This day, I heard Natalie and her father Nat Cole, singing, Unforgettable. I wrote some of the lyrics across the roof of the cottage, reminding myself…to remind YOU, to not Forget the priceless memories of Your youth.

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! SOLD !

Watercolor Collage Cottage Glow

by Hastypearl

Don’t You think that there’s something intriguing about a lamp being on, in a house as You pass by?

I automatically wonder what they are reading, are they playing music and drinking something wonderful ?

It’s OK.

We are allowed to Dream.

I practice it All of the time ; )

Watercolor Collage Cottage with Green Roof by Hastypearl
Handmade Hastypearl papers
Details Upper Portion of Watercolor Collage
It Appears that the lamp is on! Don’t You wonder what they are doing inside ?
Let me know if you are interested in adding Framing, Before purchasing the Watercolor Collage
This Cottage has a sturdy stone fence and mature garden : )
Homey Cottage Watercolor, with a beautiful sky

This Watercolor Collage Cottage Glow, measures 8 ” x 10 “, but the paper is 10 ” x 12 “.

I used my very own Handmade Papers in the Collage aspect of this piece.

The sky was my favorite part to create. I couldn’t believe how many layers of paint the paper accepted. I think it made me be able to make a lovely light to dark effect, like we experience as the sun goes down.

I’m so happy that you found, Hastypearl !

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