Wren Mixed Media Assemblage Collage Hastypearl


This Wren Mixed Media Assemblage Collage started with a Victorian Photo Album Cover. I got busy with drawing and watercoloring, added some vintage player piano music, vintage buttons and embroidery thread to complete the composition.




Wren Mixed Media Assemblage Collage


Are you like me? Like the Wren and you collect a lot?

I find little treasures irresistible.

Its those Vintage Parts that I then reassemble into my Mixed Media Assemblage Collage pieces like this one.

This piece all started with a fantastic Victorian Photo Album. I DeConstructed it until I found it’s beauty. The webbing inside the binding steals my heart. Why do I find the hidden insides as beautiful as the obvious outsides? There is so much beauty Under the Surface, dont you agree?

Every Spring…our property fills up with industrious pairs of Wrens, setting up nests and families in MY stuff ; ) Everything that is left out is a potential nesting spot. Gloves, boots, totes. It’s really wonderful how industrious these creatures can be !

Wren Mixed Media Assemblage Collage Hastypearl
Lots of Layers…Hastypearl Wren Drawing and Watercolor and Player Piano paper.
Tireless Workers, are the Wrens

So, this Wren Mixed Media Assemblage Collage is 12 ” x 10 ” and hangs flat on a wall, or do what I do, and lean it on a lovely stand. Then, you have the flexibility to stand it on a bookshelf, desk or dresser to see at eye level. There are numerous strands of embroidery thread, several inches long, that extend down beyond the base of the piece. I used some vintage player piano music to weave the threads  in and out, much like the Wren weaves her nest. I feature some of my favorite vintage buttons and cut and added a vintage yard long ruler.

The Wren is one of my drawings/watercolors. She is carrying a delightful Red Thread treasure to place in her nest…

and for YOU !

There is so much texture to this piece…You are going to love it…I can’t wait for you to hold it.

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Best, Laura aka Hastypearl


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